over-egg the pudding

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over-egg the pudding

To get something wrong or make something worse by doing too much of something or trying too hard to improve a situation. Primarily heard in UK. I think we've over-egged the pudding with the amount of technology we've crammed into our daily lives—no one knows how to have a quiet moment anymore. The latest budget over-eggs the pudding yet again, spreading resources across too many sectors without enough funds to actually fix any of them.
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over-egg the pudding

mainly BRITISH
If someone over-eggs the pudding, they spoil something by trying too hard to improve it. You can buy all sorts of extras for the car, but it's very easy to over-egg the pudding. Note: Other nouns are sometimes used instead of pudding. The band certainly knew how to over-egg the cake, with no song being complete unless it had three tempo changes and a loud finale.
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over-egg the pudding (or cake)

go too far in embellishing, exaggerating, or doing something.
Excessive quantities of egg in a pudding could either make it too rich or cause it not to set or cook correctly.
1998 Spectator This is a noble end, but in her eagerness to reach it Duffy somewhat over-eggs the cake.
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ˌover-egg the ˈpudding

used to say that you think somebody has done more than is necessary, or has added unnecessary details to make something seem better or worse than it really is: If you’re telling lies, keep it simple — never over-egg the pudding.
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I don't overegg this Welsh pudding by saying it's as good as I have seen - except perhaps Cheltenham.
It has been too easy in the past to either knock Capital of Culture as having been a waste of time (utter nonsense) or to overegg the issue and claim it as having been a cure for all of Liverpool's problems.
In common with most manufacturers, VW seem to overegg their mpg claims but I saw at least 45 miles to an extortionate gallon of diesel in the city and 60mpg on the M6.
It's just a shame directors Michael Grandage and Jamie Lloyd felt they had to overegg this musical pudding with exaggerated performances, songs often delivered in Mickey Mouse fashion and the wit turned into underlined gags.
And if you can get laughs from brash American showbiz reporter dropping indiscreet clangers interviewing celebs, then why overegg things by evoking Ruby Waxisms?
But our spiritual leaders rather overegg the problem.
The worst thing you can do is overegg the benefits because consumers will end up disappointed and a dazzling launch won't convert to product longevity.
It is finely tuned and directed with military precision: essential considering its cast of more than 20Mostly, this aspect is a minor triumph - Simon Armstrong's avuncular Ulysses establishing the tone and, while Johnson Willis does rather overegg the mincing gait of Pandarus, Cressida's uncle, it is an effective ploy.
But when you have a hero of such unquenchable spirit, why does Hollywood have to overegg the pudding until it's a big soggy custard?
In the reviewer's opinions this glossary overeggs the pudding: Albala could have used these six pages for a quick reference guide to the little-known authors and texts that he cites.
On the debit side, string instrument-reliant score by Eicca Toppinen overeggs the pudding with too-insistent plangency.
Jacquet overeggs the pudding here, contending that Flaubert's tinkering with historical realities to suit his aesthetic ends disrupts the narrative transaction, effectively undermining the author/reader pact, thereby leaving the latter in a state of chronic malaise.
until now", but that statement slightly overeggs what Richards has achieved, as though he (or his publishers) have jumped a little too early for a line-out ball and are left stranded in mid-air.
If, as she has done, a litigant flagrantly overeggs the pudding and thus deprives the court of any sensible assistance, then he or she is likely to find that the court takes a robust view and drastically prunes the proposed budget.