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go into overdrive

To start working very hard or quickly. When the publishing deadline was moved up a week, we had to go into overdrive to get all of the articles done on time.
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in overdrive

In an extremely energetic, hardworking, or effective state or condition. Our team has been in overdrive trying to get the project finished on time.
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into overdrive

Into an extremely energetic, hardworking, or effective state or condition. Our team has gone into overdrive trying to get the project finished on time.
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Mexican overdrive

The act of coasting downhill in an automobile with the gears in neutral, with the aim of either saving on the fuel or to make the car go faster than would otherwise be possible. They rolled down the mountain in Mexican overdrive, but as they reached a bend in the road, they were going too fast to control the car, and it went careering through the guard rails and into the ravine.
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go into overdrive

COMMON If someone or something goes into overdrive, they begin to work very hard or become very active. When the wedding was announced, the media went into overdrive. My imagination went into overdrive. I tried to make new dishes, not from recipe books but from books about wild plants. Note: You can also say that someone or something is in overdrive. The campaign is in overdrive now with the candidates travelling the nation in a final push for votes. Note: Overdrive is an extra gear on some vehicles, which enables them to go faster than they can with ordinary gears.
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Mexican overdrive

the neutral gear position used when coasting downhill. US informal
This expression originated in the mid 20th century, especially in language used by long-distance truck drivers.
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go, etc. into ˈoverdrive

begin to work much harder, increase production, etc: Production at the factory has shifted into overdrive in an attempt to meet the new orders on time.
Overdrive is an extra high gear in a vehicle, that you use when you are driving at high speeds.
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