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overdose (someone) (on something)

 and overdose someone with something
to give someone too much of some substance, usually a drug. The police say he overdosed on heroine. Sam overdosed his sister on the cough medicine. She overdosed herself with aspirin.
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The weekend prior to Barters death, four men at two San Francisco gay bars had to be rushed to hospitals after overdosing on GHB.
You can't say, "I'm overdosing, wait a minute, what's happening to me?
Interestingly, suicidality did not appear to be related to gender, age, years of use, using opiates prior to overdosing, or having a history of multiple overdoses (Neale, in press).
In 2015, the majority of overdose death rates among male and female teens were unintentional, however, young girls were more than twice as likely to commit suicide through overdosing, the CDC said.
A person who is overdosing from opioids may have slow and shallow breathing or not breathing at all, be non-reactive to any stimulation such as loud noises, have blue lips and nails, be making gurgling, snoring or choking sounds or have a slow, faint or no pulse.
If a person is overdosing, call 000 (triple zero) for an ambulance and administer emergency first-aid.
Seven people died in New York City between Friday and Sunday after overdosing on a variety of drugs, according to media reports.