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overdose on (something)

To experience an extreme, life-threatening physical reaction to some narcotic, especially heroin, opioids, cocaine, or amphetamines. I thought I was overdosing on my medication when I started losing consciousness like that. My brother eventually overdosed on morphine after getting addicted to it following his surgery.
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overdose (someone) (on something)

 and overdose someone with something
to give someone too much of some substance, usually a drug. The police say he overdosed on heroine. Sam overdosed his sister on the cough medicine. She overdosed herself with aspirin.
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The CDC recently started using a new system to track ER overdoses and found the rate of opioid overdoses rose from 14 to 18 per 100,000 ER visits over a year.
Synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, are now responsible for more overdose deaths than either heroin or prescription opioids, with over 20,000 synthetic opioid overdose deaths in 2016.
Relapsing comes with a high overdose risk for heroin addicts because their tolerance level changes during the time they are clean.
Gupta is compiling data to develop an overdose profile that identifies factors shared by the 881 West Virginians who fatally overdosed on drugs last year.
The report found that out of a total of 5,152 opioid overdose deaths, almost 3,000 tested positive for fentanyl, and more than 700 tested positive for drugs that have similar chemical structures to fentanyl (fentanyl analogs)--including the extremely potent fentanyl analog carfentanil, which is used to sedate large animals.
The advocates noted that the commission's efforts could be enhanced by addressing stigma, providing adequate funding for fighting addiction and overdose, strengthening primary prevention efforts, expanding prescriber education and ensuring access to medication-assisted treatment.
A recent, competing etiological hypothesis is that many opioid overdoses may, in fact, be misdiagnosed suicide attempts.
Two of our police chiefs, co-chairs of our Public Safety Committee, had been successfully running programs on their own--one initiative where follow-up visits are made with a victim hours after an overdose occurs, and another, offering community outreach and programming to families.
These anecdotes coincide with an increase in the rate of premature deaths since 2012, with drug overdose deaths now the leading single cause (Givens et al.
Ohio man responsible for Huntington overdoses sentenced to over 18 years in federal prison for heroin crime.
US-based personalized risk prediction algorithms specialist Venebio Group's risk-screening tool for opioid overdose, Venebio Opioid Advisor, is now commercially available nationwide following the conclusion of its pilot phase, the company said.
Churches across Canada have a role to play in the current opioid overdose crisis, says the Rev.
Opioid overdoses cause breathing to slow or even stop.
Citing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, Rite Aid reported that opioid overdoses were involved in 28,647 deaths in 2014, more than any year on record.
Most overdoses in West Virginia are due to the ingestion of multiple drugs.