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overdose (someone) (on something)

 and overdose someone with something
to give someone too much of some substance, usually a drug. The police say he overdosed on heroine. Sam overdosed his sister on the cough medicine. She overdosed herself with aspirin.
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Emergency rooms saw a big jump in overdoses from opioids last year -- the latest evidence the nation's drug crisis is getting worse.
If approved by the FDA, OPNT003 may be especially useful in rural areas, where a rapidly growing number of overdoses are occurring, and where access to emergency medical response may be delayed by hours.
com/opioid-addiction-what-happens-during-drug-overdose-how-stop-it-2602517) opioid overdose victim.
What we're finding out is that, while we may only have a single chance, there appear to be opportunities to prevent fatal overdoses in the state.
Because of the large proportion of opioid overdose deaths testing positive for fentanyl and fentanyl analogs, opioid overdose surveillance must expand to track the rapidly changing illicit opioid market.
The data regarding the prevalence of suicidal ideation in patients who have overdosed are limited, although recent evidence from the National Vital Statistics System on adolescent (aged 15-19 years) drug overdose is concerning, with 772 drug overdoses occurring in this age demographic in 2015 alone.
In conjunction with PCO efforts, the Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force also funded a new regional database that brings a unified system of overdose incident documentation and systematic follow-up to all law enforcement agencies in Plymouth County.
Most of the increase in overdose deaths since 2010 is due to the use of heroin and the synthetic opioid fentanyl.
Twenty patients met the opioid overdose case definition; 12 patients had probable cases and eight had confirmed cases.
According to the company, this new tool will assist health plans, health systems, medical practices, pharmacies and other stakeholders in identifying the risk level of individuals treated with prescription opioids for a life-threatening overdose.
Government organizations and boards of education often face barriers when organizing workshops dealing with the opioid overdose crisis, she said.
When opioids are prescribed by a doctor and used as directed, most people don't become addicted, overdose, or die--but some do.
Pharmaceutical company Intellipharmaceutics International (TSX:I) reported on Wednesday the receipt of patents for "Compositions and Methods for Reducing Overdose" for its PODRAS Overdose Technology in the US and Canada.
In 2014, West Virginia had the highest age-adjusted overdose mortality rate in the country.
They focused on 2,848 insured adults enrolled in 2000-2012 who received hospital or ED treatment for a prescription opioid overdose and were followed in the database for a median of 15 months.