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overdo it

To do so much of an activity that it becomes harmful, detrimental, unenjoyable, or undesirable. I think I overdid it on the decorations—now the house looks downright gaudy. I know you're keen to get back into the gym, but don't overdo it or you'll end up hurting yourself.
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overˈdo it/things

do too much: He rather overdid it last Saturday playing football, and now he’s aching all over.I’ve been overdoing things a bit recently. I really need a rest.
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Although generally quite sensible, she does sometimes overdo things and I worry about her safety.
I get the feeling it's injured and that he must not overdo things. I also get a sense that your mum's feeling drained, so tell her to slow down.
It must now be careful not to overdo things. Interest rate increases should be put firmly on hold for the time being.'
He added, 'It must now be careful not to overdo things. Interest rate increases should be put firmly on hold for the time being.'
I wanted to get some black type next to her name and now that has been achieved we can think about another race, although her owner Nicholas Springer is considering keeping her on as a four-year-old, in which case I wouldn't want to overdo things for the rest of the year.
Tuesday's child is loving and sweet and generous as well as being generally very focused, so this wee one will have it all at times, but may tend to overdo things, wanting to keep going for gold, and perhaps needing to learn a little about moderation now and then!
On Friday, July 5, Duterte said he hoped China will not "overdo things" as the United States has also been egging the Philippines on the territorial issue.
We Pinoys have this tendency to overdo things. Remember the hot pan de sal fad?
'Sometimes we overdo things by using another set of language.
Fretwell said: "He's a nice horse, but he's a little weak, and we won't overdo things this year.
" Yeung, Yu and the board are well aware of McLeish's concerns and have continually tweaked the tour itinerary so as not to overdo things. The facilities available to McLeish and his squad are 'first class', said Yu, and the second game, against Beijing Guoan, is at the iconic Bird's Nest stadium, the breathtaking venue for the 2008 Olympic Games.
It's not a day to chance your luck Cancer, push it by all means just don't overdo things please.
On the home front you're being urged to watch what you spend and to make sure you don't overdo things where it's not needed.
But don't overdo things just because you need the cash.
You're a hard worker but don't overdo things. In conversations, don't let our tongue run away with you otherwise you might say something which was meant to be a secret.