overdo it/things

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overdo it

To do so much of an activity that it becomes harmful, detrimental, unenjoyable, or undesirable. I think I overdid it on the decorations—now the house looks downright gaudy. I know you're keen to get back into the gym, but don't overdo it or you'll end up hurting yourself.
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overˈdo it/things

do too much: He rather overdid it last Saturday playing football, and now he’s aching all over.I’ve been overdoing things a bit recently. I really need a rest.
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The most important thing I have learnt is not to overdo things.
But don't overdo things just because you need the cash.
She added: "I've had to make adjustments and follow medical advice not to overdo things but I think it shows that people who've suffered from strokes can lead a normal life.
On the one side,it should hopefully be an immediate and very visible deterrent to those tempted to overdo things on a night out.
Eventually, he will go back on the Flat again, but I won't overdo things with him.
The early kick-off seemed to put both sides off, but we tended to overdo things up front.
Soccer pundit Ron Atkinson has TV work coming his way aplenty, but needs to be careful he doesn't overdo things or his body may tell him it's time to slow down a little.
He can overdo things in that beating a man just once doesn't seem enough for him, but he's a little menace who has skill pouring out of him.
He's over 17 hands and I don't want to overdo things with him this season.
This is my fourth Open and my fifth Major and I've learned not to overdo things and that there is no need to change your routine," said Storm, who was debating whether to play just nine holes, the full 18 or none at all in yesterday's final practice day.
I get the feeling it's injured and that he must not overdo things.
The pain's always there, of course, but bearable unless I overdo things and venture too far across what a doctor once called the yawning gulf between the sick and the well.
Sensual Taureans love gourmet foods and fine wines, but often tend to overdo things.
Eventually he will go back on the Flat again, but I won't overdo things with him.