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overdo it

To do so much of an activity that it becomes harmful, detrimental, unenjoyable, or undesirable. I think I overdid it on the decorations—now the house looks downright gaudy. I know you're keen to get back into the gym, but don't overdo it or you'll end up hurting yourself.
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overˈdo it/things

do too much: He rather overdid it last Saturday playing football, and now he’s aching all over.I’ve been overdoing things a bit recently. I really need a rest.
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When you overdo it, your hands might look fresh, but if you use the wrong type of polish remover too often, your nails could become brittle and discolored.
Always feed tomatoes in the greenhouse, but don't overdo it
But, as with any new activity, people should pace themselves and not overdo it."
ONail artOs great for a party, but donOt overdo it,O says manicure man to the stars, Leighton Denny.
Eating nuts may help lower the risk of gallstones, but nuts are calorie-dense, so don't overdo it.
"Don't overdo it with credit cards," advises Theresa, "and if you have debt, double or triple up on the payment until you pay it off." The Knights have $23,000 in credit card debt from helping Arlene produce her film and lending their other daughter, Shelita Compton, money to pay off her loans.
Don't overdo it at the onset of a seasonal shift; be flexible.
Check for major boo-boo's, but don't overdo it and rewrite your e-mail like a dozen times.
"Don't overdo. Add a little bit at a time -- and creep up on fitness."
Isn't the way to deal with those who overdo drinking, spoiling things for those who don't, simply to make them pay for the extra help they receive?
# FILING papers can be handy - but if you want to be sure you save time, don't overdo your filing categories.
Careful not to overdo it--you don't want to look like a fortune-teller.
While it's very important to keep fit and healthy, we at the Arthritis Research Campaign want to get the message across to would-be keepfitters that you can prevent sports injuries by following a few simple guidelines: train and warm up properly, make sure you've got the right technique and don't overdo it.
"The tendency for almost everybody who starts an exercise program is to overdo it early, so they get sore and tired," says McGuire.
"He's going along nicely but I hope the handicapper doesn't overdo him after this," said his trainer John Quinn.