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have a bun in the oven

To be pregnant. You're having a baby shower for Carla today? Wow, I didn't even know she had a bun in the oven.
See also: bun, have, oven

have one in the oven

Fig. to be pregnant with a child. She's got three kids now and one in the oven.
See also: have, one, oven

have a bun in the oven

be pregnant. informal
See also: bun, have, oven

have a ˈbun in the oven

(informal, humorous) be pregnant
See also: bun, have, oven
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At the world premiere of Miele's latest creation last Tuesday in Berlin, I felt like I witnessed a miracle: A chef put veal, tomatoes and zucchini all in one pan, shoved the pan into the oven, and just minutes later, everything was cooked perfectly-all at the same time!
This is Part II of a two-part series on building and using a wood-fired oven.
Albi recently brought to market the Dragon Oven, a stainless steel oven that can bake all types of food, including pizza and bread.
Observe: A solar oven converts the sun's energy into heat.
com)-- According to a new report published by Allied Market Research titled, "World Microwave Oven-Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2020," the global Microwave Oven market is expected to generate revenue of $25.
Contract Awarded for Design and manufacture two overhead conveyor oven systems to replace two existing, less efficient ovens
Oven temperature control is usually fully modulating via simple push button control system or a more advanced PLC based HMI panel display can be specified.
Global food processing equipment manufacturer, JBT FoodTech, has introduced a new linear protein oven to its Double D product line.
Although his paper is complicated, the concepts of variation within one oven and among different ovens are important when discussing flexibility across multiple SMT process lines.
Samsung Electronics, a leader in consumer electronics, has unveiled its smart oven and compact oven - two new innovations and enhancements to its expanding line-up of kitchen appliances.
This company built a process oven for a client in search of an oven with an afterburner to eliminate smoke and odor from an existing process.
Each oven has the ability to work independently with the advanced technology found in the civilian sector.
Speaking about the launchof new healthy DawlanceMicrowave Oven range, Mr.
The fragrant bread that comes from an outdoor adobe brick oven is "the way it should be," says Allison Kerwin of Hancock.