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get (the hell) out of Dodge

To leave or depart from a place, especially quickly or with marked urgency. A reference to Dodge City, Kansas, the clichéd setting of cowboy and western films from the early to mid-1900s. It looks like things are getting pretty tense in here, let's get out of Dodge! With our creditors becoming increasingly aggressive, we decided to just get the hell out of Dodge and leave it all behind.
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get outta here

1. interjection An exclamation of surprise, disbelief, and/or incredulity. (Colloquial contraction of "get out of here.") Sally's brother is dating my cousin? Get outta here! You just won the lottery? Get outta here!
2. verb To leave or depart from a specific place. Also used as a command to do so. (Colloquial contraction of "get out of here.") I think we'd better get outta here, things are starting to look a little bit rough. Get outta here, you hooligans!
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THE BLOCKBUSTER summer movie Straight Outta Compton borrowed its name from a groundbreaking 1988 album from N.
InStraight Outta Compton: Unrated Director's Cut fans can follow N.
It's been the surprise hit of the summer but until now movie fans in the UAE have been in the dark about when -- or even if -- Straight Outta Compton would release here.
BUSTING outta Los Angeles, this self-serving musical biopic is at times an exhilarating ride of ego and excess.
The incident was left out of biopic Straight Outta Compton, which traces the origins of N.
Living in Southern California, aka the Land of the ABDs, AJ Zavala had to get weird to swing a leg up on this skateboarding game--hitting shit fakde where others go straight, riding walls where dudes bust flip tricks and even rocking short hair and a 'stache while everybody else looks straight outta Thin Lizzy.
As well as Alexandra Jayne, they picked Worcester three-piece band Heroes of Hanoi and Birmingham group Outta Time.
For extended value, The Pumpsider is uniquely designed to work with Outta the Box Pop N' Sell dispensers.
Armageddon Outta Here - the World of Skulduggery Pleasant, Derek Landy 9 Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook (2) 10 Minecraft: The Official Beginner''s Handbook 1 .
like an endless platoon we be runnin' outta room we created 3
Most humble outta the lot was there best player, Robertson.
The I'm Outta Love hitmaker, who successfully battled the disease a decade ago, has been forced to cancel her forthcoming European tour after receiving the news.
Should she get outta Dodge--or at least, outta York?
I was yellin and hollerin, but didn't nothin come outta me.
Summary: JLS drove fans wild at the signing of their new album Outta This World and also revealed their true feelings about rivals Take That.