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outstay (one's) welcome

1. To remain a guest in a place, especially someone's home, for too long, to the point where the host no longer wishes one to stay. After the cool reception I received at breakfast, it was apparent that I had outstayed my welcome at the cottage of my father's friend.
2. By extension, to have one's presence become unwanted in a particular environment. The polls make it clear that this candidate has outstayed her welcome in this primary race. Though wildly popular for a short time, the product simply outstayed its welcome in the market, and can now be found in bargain bins everywhere.
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outstay your welcome

stay as a visitor longer than you are wanted.
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outstay/overstay your ˈwelcome

(of a guest) stay too long so that you are no longer welcome: We visited some friends in France, but we didn’t want to overstay our welcome and left after a couple of days.
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Meanwhile, Janice's admirer Jack outstays his welcome.
Lake Placid Sky MovieMax, 9.45pm As Bmovie adventures go, this isn't too bad and at a mere 82 minutes it never outstays its welcome.
TOPWEIGHT Northern Graduate (K Darley) gives Mrs Reveley another Cumberland Plate when the fav outstays Kinoko (G Duffield).
Clockwise from top: Troy provides Hern with his first Derby, in the 200th renewal of the race in 1979; Nashwan (left) digs deep to repel Cacoethes in the 1989 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes; The Queen's Dunfermline outstays Alleged in the 1977 St Leger, her second Classic of the year following the Oaks; Dayjur (left) turns victory into defeat when jumping a shadow in the last 50 yards of the 1990 Breeders' Cup Sprint at Belmont Park; Brigadier Gerard wins the 1972 Champion Stakes, the last race of his majestic career and his 17th victory in 18 runs
There's a brilliant movie in here, but it outstays its welcome by half an hour.
Things go Joe Mercer's way to start with at Bath, as Smile Of Fortune (Ian Balding) outstays Skyjinni (Jeremy Tree/Bobby (RS) Elliott), and then The Tista (Henry Candy) gets the better of Teasel (Ryan Price/Tony Murray) in the nursery.