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kill outright

To kill (a person or animal) immediately or instantly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "kill" and "outright." The trap is designed to kill outright so as to cause as little pain to the animal as possible. The poison doesn't kill you outright. Instead, it slowly works its way through your body, causing organs to shut down as it goes. He was killed outright by the force of the impact.
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killed outright

killed immediately. The driver was killed outright in the accident. Twenty people were killed outright in the explosion.
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Bush, supports outright repeal of all estate taxes.
First, Potts approved the Kahler audits for 1988 and 1989 despite inadequately explained documentation indicating that the company did not intend to sell the hotel outright.
They also persuasively argue that legislation sought by the major anti-gun groups has nothing to do with "gun control," and everything to do with the ultimate objective of outright prohibition of guns in private hands (as prohibitionists Jim and Sarah Brady have put it, "no private citizen has any reason or need at any time to possess a gun").
Buildings that are out of the redemption period now are expected to be sold outright, said Wright.
In the early 1990s, it is likely that CFOs will be deluged with calls from "one-stop advisor teams" from those universal banks that have spent most of the late 1980s undertaking outright acquisitions and building upon outdated and operationally heavy matrix organizations.
Ripples, seen in many elliptical galaxies, are thought to occur when a galaxy transfers some off its mass to a neighboring galaxy or enters an outright merger with it.
But the traditional solution - outright purchase of the land using state or congressional appropriations - was precluded by a few factors.
San Miguel Alab Pilipinas found an unlikely hero in seldom-used guard Pao Javelona as they made quick work of Indonesian squad CLS Knights, 101-63, on Sunday night to boost their bid for an outright semifinal berth in the 2018 Asean Basketball League (ABL) at Santa Rosa Multi-Purpose Gym in Laguna.
It is within the SNP Government's power to ban fracking outright in Scotland.
Defending champion San Miguel Beer will have to go through a familiar foe that has payback on its mind when it goes for an outright semifinals berth today in the Smart Bro PBA Philippine Cup at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.
The latest figures show that of the 63% or 14.3 million households who are owner-occupiers, 7.4 million own their home outright and 6.9 million own their home with a mortgage.
Newton, MA, November 13, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Outright Development, a custom software development company specializing in web development and mobile app development, today announces the launch of its newly redesigned responsive website.
Smith had been hoping to defend his British crown and claim the one remaining win he needs to keep the belt outright.
FIRSTLY, hats off to those bookmakers who price up the Bags/ SIS 500 heats and outright betting and show us that they're only human after all.