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out (some amount of money)

Having lost, wasted, or spent some amount of money; having some amount of money less at one's disposal. You little punk! I'm out nearly $500 in repairs because of what you did to my car! I'm very choosy about the movies I go see in the theater—if I'm going to be out 15 bucks, I'll be damn sure it's something I really want to see.
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out in bloom

Having fully blossomed, as of a flower, tree, or other such plant. Our back yard is so colorful now that all the flowers are out in bloom. I'm surprised the apple trees haven't come out in bloom yet.
See also: bloom, out

starve out

To deprive someone or something of food in order to force them to submit or surrender. A noun or pronoun can be used between "starve" and "out." The terrorists have indicated that they will not leave the building peacefully, so police are planning to simply starve them out. The empire's army began starving the rebel city out with a siege that lasted nearly eleven months.
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*out (in blossom)

 and *out (in bloom)
[of a plant or tree] blooming; [of flowers] open in blooms. (*Typically: be ~; come ~.) All the trees were out in blossom. The daffodils won't be out until next week.


 (from under someone or something)
1. Lit. out from beneath someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; crawl ~; creep ~; move ~.) Will you please get out from under my bed? The dog got out from under her just before she sat down.
2. Fig. free of someone's control or the burden of a problem. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; crawl ~; move ~.) Mary wanted to get out from under her mother. There is so much work to do! I don't know when I'll ever get out from under it.


 (of something)
1. gone; having left some place; absent froma place; escaped. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The monkey is out of its cage. Sam is out of the building at present.
2. having no more of something. (*Typically: be ~; run ~.) Sorry, we are fresh out of cucumbers. We ran out of catsup and mustard halfway through the picnic.
3. free of the responsibility of doing something. (*Typically: get ~.) Are you trying to get out of this job? You agreed to do it, and you can't get out of it!


an excuse; means of avoiding something. (*Typically: have ~; give someone ~.) He's very clever. No matter what happens, he always has an out.

out (on strike)

to be away from one's job in a strike or protest. The workers went out on strike. We can't do anything while the workers are out.
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1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (Probably from far out.) Those guys are really out!
2. mod. out of fashion. (The opposite of in.) That kind of clothing is strictly out.
3. tv. to make someone’s homosexuality public. (Can be reflexive.) He outed himself at the party last Friday.
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1987 All-Ireland final: Galway 1-12 Kilkenny 0-9 Next SHC outing? Galway WON
15--Annual Golf Outing, Mascoutin Golf Course, Berlin, Wis.
"Some women might feel intimidated at industry golf outings. At a PWC event, they feel more comfortable.
"We host outings where it is the only time a person will play golf that year," Galgano observes.
With a little forethought and planning, your outing is an easy way to vacate in the world and enjoy the outdoors just about any time of year.--S.M.B.
1--Annual Golf Outing, Hawk's View Golf Club, Lake Geneva, Wis.
"I attribute the outing's tremendous success to our wonderful team of volunteers, our generous sponsors and the support of our entire membership.
Western New York Rubber & Plastics Group, golf outing, Glen Oak Golf Course, East Amherst, NY, Allan Start (716) 691-2141--August 16.
That outing should put him spot-on for this task, and he is expected to swoop to conquer approaching the third bend.
Over 55 golfers hit the links at Wild Marsh golf club in Buffalo, MN on June 23rd at the North Central NAMA Golf Outing. The course, designed by PGA Tour Player Graham Marsh, offers a championship course with rolling terrain, beautiful wooded surroundings and numerous natural wetlands.
Chris Scott, outing coordinator for Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex at Purdue University in West Lafayette, says companies "still want to do what they've done in the past, but they want to find ways to do it cost-effectively." That may mean giving participants three drink tickets instead of unlimited drinks from the beverage cart, and it may mean prizes are not as lavish or plentiful.
CENTRAL MICHIGAN June 16--Golf Outing, Location TBA.
Abramovitch, an associate editor at Defamer who was hired just over a year ago by editor Mark Lisanti, made hay mocking Lehmkuhl's attempt at coining the word "Lanced," his term for the media's outing of Bass.
Such was the consensus of opinion among men and women golfers at the sold-out golf outing sponsored by Professional Women in Construction (PWC) on June 5 at the Elmwood Country Club in White Plains, New York.
Chicago Rubber Group, annual golf outing, Indian Lakes Resort, Bloomingdale, IL, Mike Szymhorski (262) 472-6612--July 28.