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1. A navel (bellybutton) that protrudes outward. They said my outie should disappear by the time I turned five, but I've still got it nearly 20 years later.
2. slang Out of here; leaving. That's it, I'm not waiting any longer—I'm outie! No way, this is too gross for me! I'm outie.

I’m out of here

and I’m outa here and I’m outie
sent. I am leaving this minute. In three minutes I’m outa here.
See also: here, of, out

I’m outie

See also: outie
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Like their ancient Indian counterparts, they can be very roughly divided into Outie and Innie.
They include the West Indies' expression force ripe (someone with growing up to do) and the South African outie (a homeless person).
Esta linea es defendida tambien por Emmanuel Bello, para quien <<A feeling of incertainty has also been expressed on the grounds that some of the outies prescribed in the Charter may constitute additional limitations on the rights already guaranted by Status Parties to the Charter>> (79).
We should be outies in our belly buttons until our late teens and early 20s and then become innies.
We develop communication styles early on in our lives that I call "Belly Button" styles; we are usually "Innies or Outies.
Those with particularly large belly buttons, or with any sort of protrusions -- sorry, outies -- or distortions, received lower scores.
They are teaching persons born with outies how to be "masculine," and persons born with innies how to be "feminine.
What with some of those outies perhaps buried with their traditional weapons?
Bellybuttons can generally be divided into innies and outies.