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grow out of (something)

1. Literally, to emerge from a particular area or container, as of a plant. I can't believe that flowers are growing out of that rocky soil.
2. To no longer be able to fit into an article of clothing because one has grown taller or gained weight. This phrase is often applied to children. The baby has already grown out of her infant onesies.
3. To no longer do something because one has aged or matured. I thought she would have grown out of temper tantrums by now.
4. To emerge or develop from something. My novel grew out of a short story I'd written as a kid. Can you believe their fistfight grew out of a tense exchange in the check-out line?
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grow out of something

1. Lit. to develop and grow outward from something. Soft green shoots grew out of the trunk of the tree. A bush grew out of the gutter and hung down the front of the house.
2. Lit. to age out of something; to outgrow something; to abandon something as one matures. Finally, Ted grew out of his bedwetting. Haven't you grown out of your fear of the dark yet?
3. Lit. to grow so much that some article of clothing does not fit. Timmy's getting so tall that he's grown out of all his clothes. He grew out of his suit, and he's only worn it three times.
4. Fig. [for a problem] to develop from something less serious. This whole matter grew out of your failure to let the cat out last night. A big argument has grown out of a tiny disagreement!
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grow out of

1. Develop or come into existence from. For example, This article grew out of a few scribbled notes, or Their mutual trust grew out of long acquaintance.
2. Also, outgrow. Become too large or mature for, as in The baby's grown out of all her dresses, or He will outgrow these picture books in a few months.
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grow out of

To develop or come into existence from: an article that grew out of a few scribbled notes.
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It's rare for adults who stutter to outgrow stuttering.
Outgrow not only tells farmers how much to harvest, but works with farmers from a seed level to guide on how much to plant, when to plant, how to grow high-quality products, and more.
The median SCORAD at study entry in the group who outgrew their egg allergy was 48 (IQR 44 - 52) compared with 35 (IQR 34 - 48) in those who did not outgrow their egg allergy (p=0.255).
(4) Lastly, children who had their first food allergy reaction earlier in life were more likely to outgrow their allergy, regardless or allergen, severity, or symptoms.
Depending on the ages of your children and the adaptability of the design, you're lucky if you get two or three good years before the youngsters outgrow what you've created.
Abbe said: "Buying clothes for children is so expensive and they outgrow them very quickly.
New studies have found that 56 percent of allergic children can tolerate baked hen's egg, while 55 percent outgrow their egg allergy entirely.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Baseline milk IgE level and skin-prick wheal size do a good job of predicting if a child will outgrow a milk allergy, but variation in eczema severity does not, two studies have shown.
He said: "One of my first tasks is to see whether our Guisborough business needs to find new accommodation in future, which may become a certainty if the business continues to outgrow its current base."
Females typically outgrow and outleg males, says Marek, and in this family, millipedes probably add legs throughout their lives.
With just a few snips and caboodles, you can turn that old de him into a fabulous bag you'll never outgrow.
The solicitation describes "off ramps" for companies that outgrow one of the tiers to move up to a higher one or for firms that outgrow small business size standards to be dropped from the GWAC.
DENVER -- Children who outgrow peanut allergy probably do so permanently Dr.
OTHER women to become famous and outgrow their partners include Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, TV hosts Anthea Turner and Carol Vorderman and ex weathergirl Ulrika Jonsson.
The myth that most children outgrow asthma by adulthood is just that, according to the American Lung Association.