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An abbreviation for "outfit of the day." It typically accompanies a picture of one's outfit on social media. Loving this OOTD! These leggings are so comfy. A perfect dress for today's beautiful weather! #OOTD

the brains of the/this/that outfit

The leader of some particular group. I doubt Jim and John had anything to do with the break-in. Tyler is the brains of the outfit, and those boys are just his toadies. I'm the brains of this outfit—this whole enterprise would fall apart if it weren't for me!
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1. n. a group of people; a company. That outfit cheated me out of my money.
2. n. a set of clothing. You look lovely in that outfit.
3. n. a set of things; the items needed for some task. My tool kit has everything I need. It’s the whole outfit.
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Neither outfitter uses feeders, fences, or anything that forces wildlife to gather in small areas for easy hunting.
Knowing what I now know, how would I research and vet the hordes of outfitters out there?
Boot Barn CFO Greg Hackman said the company would count Country Outfitter as a new store in terms of sales figures, starting in April 2018; Hackman said Boot Barn expected Country Outfitter to have sales of approximately $10 million in fiscal 2018.
Outfitters who've been in the business for a long time probably won't do this, though I do know of one veteran Montana outfitter who, halfway through deer season, suddenly decided to take off for Nashville to become a country-western star.
In handling these calls, Urban Outfitters has strict customer service policies.
At the time, Ouzel Outfitters had just moved from Eugene to Bend, and the Looses felt "there was a need for quality outfitter in Eugene-Springfield."
As president of the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association (NOTO), Errington says his industry is getting shortchanged from government even though it employs more people than forestry, mining and agriculture combined and generates $2.2 billion in provincial taxes annually.
For those who don't want to plan logistics and acquire mountains of survival gear, guided tours with qualified outfitters or environmental groups provide a safe and enjoyable way to see the area.
On our trip with Sawbuck Outfitters, the canvas tents are clean and roomy; cots and camp chairs are cushy luxuries no backpacker could afford to carry.
She hand-picked outfitters and approved new routes, eventually shepherding and many as 43 trips in a single year, and was a fixture on the trail each summer.
Now available from the rugged Indoor Outfitter line, are flannel sheets, which as Norm Sevaria, vice president of sales and merchandising noted, "fit the image and lifestyle of Indoor Outfitters.
If your outfitter is subcontracting with another travel operator (a common practice with foreign trips), ask for the name and telephone number of the subcontractor, and consider calling them.
One challenge for traditional hunters is finding a guide or outfitter who understands our range limitations.
Trophy Outfitters, Colorado (www.elkelkelk.com): If you want to see mature bull elk and lots of them give Outfitter Stephen Flowers a call.