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An abbreviation for "outfit of the day." It typically accompanies a picture of one's outfit on social media. Loving this OOTD! These leggings are so comfy. A perfect dress for today's beautiful weather! #OOTD

the brains of the/this/that outfit

The leader of some particular group. I doubt Jim and John had anything to do with the break-in. Tyler is the brains of the outfit, and those boys are just his toadies. I'm the brains of this outfit—this whole enterprise would fall apart if it weren't for me!
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1. n. a group of people; a company. That outfit cheated me out of my money.
2. n. a set of clothing. You look lovely in that outfit.
3. n. a set of things; the items needed for some task. My tool kit has everything I need. It’s the whole outfit.
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During the story, Jillian considers the clothing that her pigs will wear, which provides an opportunity to think about combinations of outfits. We posed the following question to our students:
" We were surprised when Madonna's stylist got in touch with us and asked us to design outfits for the star," Falguni says.
No matter what your shape, size or style preference there are a range of outfits available.
Plus all the pieces can be utilised for other outfits, something a savvy shopper looks for.
Additional snaps and buttons open outfits to the waist down the front, or other hidden access features are in the design to ease dressing and general use.
Drawing upon thousands of authentic Lionel documents, "Authoritative Guide To Lionel's Promotional Outfits 1969-1969" is an 848-page illustrated compendium showcasing the more than 700 electric train outfits (also known as 'uncatalogued train sets') that the Lionel company created exclusively as promotional items for retailers that included Sears Roebuck & Co.; Montgomery Ward; Spiegel; Western Auto; A&P; Quaker Oats; and others.
She has now gone on to sell her outfits to local retailers and clubs, including Inukshuk, at the Sanctuary in Digbeth, and E:volve, at the Epic Skatepark in Moseley.
She always picks outfits that are really simple and sleek, which I think always works better.
But officials of the Royal & Ancient, the sport's ruling body, have refused to ban the outfits, which included a first day ensemble of Union Jack trousers and glasses.
It is important that the outfits complement the wedding dress.
White selected outfits for a more conservative environment and combinations that would be appropriate in creative settings.
Product: About 5,500 short-sleeved, one-piece outfits for toddlers sizes 0-3T Baby Boy Bodysuits.
Since more and more coaches are outfitting their entire staffs in coordinated outfits, the pullovers and sweaters allow greatest flexibility and, therefore, economy.
of Transportation will begin failing firms out of business, leaving only the big outfits," he said.