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a down-and-outer

A person who is completely without money, means, support, or prospects; an indigent person. His crippling drug addiction left him a down-and-outer, begging for change on the sidewalk. Many of these homeless people have been down-and-outers for years, with no prospects of finding work or permanent shelter. OK, you need to calm down! Yes, you lost some money when the stock market crashed, but that doesn't mean you're doomed to become a down-and-outer.


A person who is destitute or otherwise devoid of any resources. Sarah started a nonprofit organization dedicated to help the down-and-outers in her city.

on the outer

informal Ostracized or rejected. Primarily heard in Australia. Once the nasty rumor's origin was traced back to me, I found myself on the outer with most of the girls in my class. Sad as it sounds, I've found that money is the best way to avoid being on the outer in this line of work.
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outer core

One part of the inside of the Earth (as opposed to the Earth's "inner core"). All right class, what can you tell me about the Earth's outer core?
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Not only that, but they have gone a step further by offering customers the choice of 10 outers, 9 linings, over 10 thread colours and a range of pockets that can go on the outside of the case.
Apart from being the exclusive aluminum sheet supplier, Novelis also supplied BMW with its patented Anticorodal 170PX which is used on the door outers and the roof.
He stayed outdoors determined to succeed as 'Sleep Outer'."
'Ministry of NHS, on 19th December 2017, prescribed new PHW on cigarette packets and outers. The PHW covers 50pc of front side and 50pc of rear side of cigarette packets and outers.
So for me and millions of others, let's take our chances with Boris and Co and the outers, take back control of our own destiny and vote to leave this totally discredited and constantly failing EU organisation that will continue to export (after Brexit) millions of pounds of their wine, dairy products, Audis, Mercedes, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
Many EU citizens are mystified as to why so many people in Britain seem desperate to leave a body which has brought peace, stability and prosperity to the European continent, especially since the leading outers offer no coherent and clearly preferable alternative to continued EU membership.
Many Tory outers have directorships or are business shareholders and want to have control over our hard-won rights, which are protected by the EU.
Zenith is a beautiful blue form and Blue Peter has shades from yellowcentred petals to lilac outers.
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Detailed analysis of each packaging material providing detailed break up including pack types, closures, and outers.
"In 2012, Palmetto State Armory experienced triple-digit sales growth for our ATK brands, including BLACKHAWK!, RCBS, Champion, Outers and Weaver," said Jim Bruno, ATK senior director of distribution sales.
Chana Masala is available in outers of six, with an RRP of 2.20 [pounds sterling].
After filling, the cartons are closed and glued, and transferred to a shrink wrapper before being placed into cardboard outers for onward despatch.