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a down-and-outer

A person who is completely without money, means, support, and/or prospects; an indigent person. His crippling drug addiction left him a down-and-outer, begging for change on the sidewalk.


A person who is destitute or otherwise devoid of any resources. Sarah started a nonprofit organization dedicated to help the down-and-outers in her city.

outer core

One part of the inside of the Earth (as opposed to the Earth's "inner core"). All right class, what can you tell me about the Earth's outer core?
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States could not agree on how to confront the ongoing development of ASATs, the dual uses of anti-ballistic missile systems, and the potential deployment of ABMs in outer space.
This work ended up showing that it actually is a tether holding the outer membrane down," Hughes adds.
Fiting steel Stop Gas D133 (5 ") molded and welded to the inner and outer cap rubber ring-4piece.
B] are the journal and block temperature increases, respectively), so not only the heat transfer from the journal to the inner film but also the heat transfer from the outer film to the bearing block are neglected for brevity in this article.
At the same time, Ambassador Janjua said there was a growing use of outer space by many States, both for civilian and military purposes, enhancing the potential and risk of its weaponization.
Prior to joining Outer Banks Blue in September, Rohrbacher served as Executive Director of non-profit associations such as the American Institute of Architects in Charlotte, North Carolina and the American Camp Association, Southeastern Region.
Calanais Standing Stones The 5000-year-old Calanais Standing Stones are one of the most famous and mysterious landmarks in the Outer Hebrides.
Following a full economic and technical analysis, the decision was taken to demolish the lake outer wall and build a new one to the seaward side, providing a much larger area of water.
Top outer borough condos: Aspiring addresses in Brooklyn
Outer tube diameter ranging from 8 to 15 mm (tolerances from 0 to -0.
The brewer has joined the Russian Academy of Science and Okayama University in western Japan to explore the feasibility of barley production in outer space for beer.
You bet/It turns out that there are problems with the NSNs for both the inner and outer washers.
Sardine in Outer Space is a good choice for younger teens, especially middle school readers.
Using a telescope on Earth, they've spotted two large features that look like bright yellow, banana-shaped objects facing each other, deep in outer space.
Year in which the United Nations Outer Space Treaty was first drafted, stating that no country could own territorial rights in space: 1967