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I'm out of here.

 and I'm outa here.
Inf. I am leaving this minute. In three minutes I'm outa here. I'm out of here. Bye.
See also: here, of, out

I’m out of here

and I’m outa here and I’m outie
sent. I am leaving this minute. In three minutes I’m outa here.
See also: here, of, out

I’m outa here

See also: here, outa


phr. out of. (Eye-dialect. Used in writing only for effect. Used in the examples of this dictionary.) In two minutes I’m outa here!
References in classic literature ?
He don't know me from Adam, and I reckon he don't know he done me outa anything.
And so, to-night, being broke and my friend needing me bad, I just dropped around to make a raise outa your pa.
bg website, which also had a aHappy Fridaya promotion, was also showing a 110 error aconnection timed outa.
Outa is the head of an association of 400 beekeepers throughout the Bekaa Valley, the local members of which were recently the subjects of a groundbreaking project aimed at getting men involved in the fight to stop violence against women.
Outa sees the new initiative as a way of tackling one problem through conversation about another.
Outa himself supervises 100 hives, many of which are in danger of dying.
This program addresses two sicknesses, one very literal with bees and another that is having a negative effect on a society as a whole," Outa adds.
Neither Outa nor Balouk has witnessed domestic violence against women first-hand but, after some gentle persuasion, they admit that it is a more widespread phenomenon than gets reported.
I have no personal experience with violence against women," says Outa.
Running like a little black boy trying to make it to the Greyhound station before the bus from New York pulled into any one-stop town where I didn't think anyone ever bought a round-trip ticket outa this place that held my father's hand soft as a pretty brown woman.
1400 on your AM dial, Ernie's Record Mart spinning records outa Nashville, Tennessee: Smokey and the Miracles, Martha and the Vandellas, The Temps and The 4 Tops, Mary Wells, The Marvellettes and Little Stevie "The Harmonica Boy" Wonder.
Outa said the group will influence the investor to spend in the nation s investment capacity in waste management.