out of sync

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out of sync (with someone or something)

1. Not or no longer happening, functioning, or moving at the same time and pace as someone or something else; in an unsynchronized or uncoordinated manner (with someone or something). The soldiers got in trouble for being out of sync while marching. Is it just me, or is the audio out of sync with the movie?
2. Not sharing the same or similar goals, ideals, desires, likes, dislikes, etc.; having the different or dissimilar perspectives or opinions. I don't think I'll go out with her again. It just seemed like we were out of sync on every topic. If your team is out of sync with one another, you're going to have a hard time getting this project done.
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*out of sync

uncoordinated; unsynchronized. (An abbreviation for synchronization. *Typically: be ~; get ~.) Our efforts are out of sync. My watch and your watch are out of sync.
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out of sync

If two things are out of sync, they do not match or do not happen together as they should. Note: `Sync' is sometimes spelled `synch'. Normally, when demand and supply are out of sync, you either increase the supply, or you adjust the price mechanism. I think this decision is out of sync with reality.
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in/out of ˈsync

(informal) moving or working/not moving or working at exactly the same time and speed as somebody/something else: The soundtrack is not in sync with the picture.Can we try that part of the dance again? I think we were out of sync.
Sync is a short form of synchronization.
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out of sync

mod. uncoordinated; unsynchronized. My watch and your watch are out of sync.
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