out of (one's) hands

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out of (one's) hands

Not within one's control. I submitted my application, so it's really out of my hands now. Now that the jury is deliberating, the case is out of our hands.
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*out of someone's hands

1. Lit. no longer in someone's grasp. (*Typically: get ~; pull something ~; take something ~.) The police officer took the gun out of Fred's hands. The heavy tray was pulled out of my hands just in time.
2. Fig. no longer in someone's control. (*Typically: get ~; pull something ~; take something ~.) The boss decided to take the project out of Roger's hands. The contract had to be gotten out of Alice's hands because she announced that she was leaving.
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out of your hands

COMMON If something is out of your hands, you are no longer responsible for it and there is nothing you can do about it. The matter has been taken out of our hands. We are referring all enquiries to the Department of the Environment. Things were out of our hands now. We could only wait.
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ˌout of somebody’s ˈhands

no longer in the control of or the responsibility of somebody: I’m afraid the matter is now out of my hands. You’ll have to write to the Area Manager.
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