oust from

oust (one) from

1. To depose one; to force one to leave a place or position of power or authority. In a startling coup, the military has ousted the prime minister from office. A group of board members has met in secret to plot how to oust the CEO from the company.
2. To forcibly remove one from some place. Often used in passive constructions. We were ousted from the bar after the bartender saw we had fake IDs. The security guard ousted the loitering teenagers from the mall.
See also: oust

oust someone from something

to force someone to leave something or some place; to throw someone out of something or some place. They ousted the boys from the bar. The underage kids were ousted from the tavern quickly.
See also: oust
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The senators, like all of us, face this dilemma: Leave in office a lying president who many hate so passionately that they can barely tolerate him or his wife, or oust from office a president who despite everything still maintains the support of most people after a flawed and bitter partisan impeachment process.