(oneself) again

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(oneself) again

Back to one's normal physical health or mental disposition. It took a lot of therapy, but I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. He hasn't been himself since the accident.
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Again(, please)

. Say it one more time, please. Tom: I need some money. I'll pay you back. Bill (pretending not to hear): Again, please. Tom: I said I need some money. How many times do I have to say it?

*oneself again

showing signs of being healthy again or restored. (*Typically: act like ~; be ~; feel like ~; seem like ~.) After such a longillness, it'sgoodto be myself again. I'm sorry that I lost my temper. I think I feel like myself again now.
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References in classic literature ?
"Is it not the extreme of rashness to thus put ourselves again, unarmed, in the power of the First Born?"
"Then I'll just finish my pipe in starting the first one," said Professor Summerlee; and from that time onwards we never trusted ourselves again without a watchman.
Peg might or might not be a witch--common sense said not; but we knew she was quite capable of turning every one of us out of doors in one of her sudden fierce fits if we offended her; and we had no mind to trust ourselves again to that wild forest where we had fought a losing fight with the demon forces of night and storm.
"Into the hands of the Power that made us we render ourselves again!" he shouted in his voice of thunder, and at the words he hurled the field-glass through the window.
"If you start like that, what chance do you have?We made life very difficult for ourselves again.
"As a coach you will never feel the team is fully prepared for any battle, you always think something could be better but I am excited that we have an opportunity to test ourselves again. It will be a good learning experience for the boys and at this level (U-15) that is very key," Sagar said.
He added that a radical overhaul of the North East's rail network would help towards tackling air pollution and preventing young people from leaving the region, but he fears the political debate becoming "fragmented" and councils "fighting among ourselves again".
"But look, we hope to go out and give a really good account of ourselves again. It will be a good mark of our character, of where we've come, if we can give another good performance.
"If we want to be true to the very best of ourselves in the UK, that's a story we might want to tell ourselves again," he told the Press Association.
On July 6 we have decided to put ourselves through the pain and dig deep to challenge ourselves again."
"I am backing Boris Johnson because he can unite the country and make us believe in ourselves again. I think he will set a clear and positive direction as we prepare to leave the EU and I know he believes passionately in the union.
He said: "He is someone who will set out a clear direction for our country, for our society, where no one is left behind; he can unite us and most importantly, after the last three years, make us believe in ourselves again and in what we can achieve together.
Now, finish the League, enjoy the rest and then we come back and prepare ourselves again, mentally and physically, to be our best," said Coronado, who still has three years left on his contract.
"If we fall short this weekend, it could be hard to lift ourselves again for the play-offs, so that's why we want to keep the focus on this game.