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scratch for (oneself)

To be self-sufficient. Now that you're a college student living on campus, you can't rely on your parents to take care of you—you need to scratch for yourself. I come from a big family, so I've been scratching for myself since I was a little kid.
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screw (oneself) up to concert pitch

To prepare for any event or crisis that may occur. My dad is nervous about me driving so far on my own, so I'm sure he's screwed himself up to concert pitch and is stationed by the phone in case I call.
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shit (oneself)

1. rude slang Literally, to defecate while still wearing one's clothing. I need you to pull over the car right now, or else I'm going to shit myself!
2. rude slang By extension, to be very surprised. When I saw that the magazine had published my letter to the editor, I practically shit myself!
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'We pride ourself on our knowledge of the Black Country's property sectors and in this case were able to find a suitable site within days.'
We not just give ourself totally to the work, but we also give ourself back with gratitude and the desire to offer everything with love.
"We haven't achieved anything yet but what we're trying to do is give ourself a chance.
Neither of us ever wants to lose ourself or the other in fame."
Fletcher said: "Other results went for us with London, Workington and Swinton all losing but we've got to start helping ourself by adding consistency to our game."
"We went down to Blackburn and did ourself justice at Ewood Park after they said we didn't deserve to be on the same park as them after the first leg.
This process of love and forgiveness starts with ourself
We're happy for ourself, but even more gratified for the many Pinoy kids who will now be able to learn from and delight in this wonderful 'infotainment' show that has helped educate generations of children for decades throughout the learning world!
But he warned: "I think when the serious case review is published, we will be able to judge for ourself where the responsibility lies.
And the great news is you can pick something up for ourself while you're there.
Jeremy Middleton, group operations director, said: 'We have turned ourself into a much bigger operation which we hope will transfer into growing profits.'
The former Aberdeen, Manchester United and Leeds star said: "We would all like to feel a lot better about ourself on the inter-national stage but at this moment in time we are not.
We watch any and all, but we find ourself more regularly gravitating toward Fallon and Colbert's shows.
'We have hidden ourself on some of the things we can do but now we are letting people know what we really can achieve.'
Hibs boss Alex McLeish, minus suspended midfielder Matthias Jack, said: "I thought we played well against Dundee United only to shoot ourself in the foot with errors.