our feathered friends

feathered friends

Birds, regardless of type or species. Mark breeds and raises hawks for racing, and his fine feathered friends are among the most valuable in the world. Grampa is out feeding his feathered friends at the park.
See also: feathered, friend

our feathered ˈfriends

(informal, humorous) birds: We mustn’t forget to put out food for our feathered friends during the cold winter months.
See also: feathered, friend
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THIS great tit's world has been turned upside down - as part of a bid to find out more about our feathered friends.
We all now how awful we feel after a few sleepless nights tossing and turning - and it seems our feathered friends struggle with tiredness too.
You can even tempt our feathered friends with a feeder (see our guide in the circle, above right) made from ordinary household goods or a cake(see below).
I must admit, in the run up to Christmas, our feathered friends have been somewhat neglected.
LET your imagination take flight and feature our feathered friends in rooms.
Young and old "viewers" alike can get tremendous pleasure from watching our feathered friends visiting during the winter months.
There are many bird scarers on the market to keep our feathered friends off newly planted cabbages or you could make your own out of some string and shiny old CDs threaded through at strategic points ( but sooner or later the birds will realise that these deterrents are not an actual threat.
BIRD SIGNS: GUIDANCE & WISDOM FROM OUR FEATHERED FRIENDS offers a 52-card deck and book written by G.
EAGLES have always been the bird of choice down at Selhurst Park, but a different breed of our feathered friends has forced Crystal Palace into some extra shooting practice this week.
A treasured aviary, the vast collection of bird paintings in Chinese art, reflects longstanding global fascination with our feathered friends.
Moving to the abstract, Luo Li's Birds literally drew the connection between Chinese calligraphy and our feathered friends through ink paintbrush and scratches directly applied to film.
In this season of goodwill, spare a thought for our feathered friends by putting out bird food and water.
Do our feathered friends come inland for the winter?
Consistently fill the bird feeder so our feathered friends can count on you for food.
In these images stuffed simulacra of our feathered friends slip into each other's anuses, or, guided by a faulty homing instinct, look for their young in the artists' sphincters, as if they had mistaken them for their nests.