there oughta be a law

Something objectionable that has happened or that someone did should be against the law. ("Oughta" is an informal contraction of "ought to.") How can the flight be overbooked? I paid for a ticket, so I should have a seat on the plane. There oughta be a law! Behavior like that is just disgusting to me. There oughta be a law, I tell you!
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this ought to be good

What the other person is about to say will likely be comically contrived and unconvincing. The phrase is used sarcastically to express the speaker's frustration and annoyance. This ought to be good! Yes, let's hear today's excuse for why your work is sloppy, Alex. A: "He said that he's going to call me tonight and explain why he's been MIA for the past month." B: "Really? Oh, this ought to be good!"
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