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know otherwise

To understand or be certain that a particular statement or assertion is unfounded or incorrect. There's a common perception that being a stay-at-home parent is the easy option, but I know otherwise.
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or otherwise

Or something that is starkly different or contrasting (compared to something else). Do whatever it takes to convince him to sell—legal or otherwise. We accept all forms of payment, cash or otherwise.
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know ˈdifferent/ˈotherwise

(informal) have more information about something: She thought he was upset about the divorce, but I knew different.

or ˈotherwise

used to refer to something that is different from or the opposite of what has just been mentioned: It was necessary to discover the truth or otherwise of these statements.We insure against all damage, accidental or otherwise.
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In terms of the Constitution [6] (section 28(2)) and the Children's Act [1] (section 7), anyone assisting an otherwise legally competent child by consenting to a surgical operation must consider the best interests of the child.
What I've been calling the space of art or the imagination aligns with the Otherwise: it's a mode of aesthetics and critique that defies the norms of a violent and racist state.
patent-leather boots, shoes like clement black candles; otherwise
(29) Rather than applying this 12-month rule based on an extension of the asset's "economic useful life" (which as just discussed has two potential meanings under the proposed regulations), this standard instead incorporates the definition of "economic useful life" otherwise applicable only to taxpayers having no applicable financial statements.
"Congoo's NetPass is a uniquely secure environment offering content that would otherwise be blocked by firewalls," said Nikesh Desai, VP business development of TheStreet.com.
He warns that cooking at high temperatures with stainless-steel, clad or otherwise, increases the likelihood that these metals--some of which can be toxic in higher doses--will leach into food.
It frames the poet's capacity to unmake those patterns and motifs that readers may anticipate within a text that carries the burden of identity markers--"Musical," "Black," "Female," or otherwise. While working towards these ends, Drag ultimately affirms the commitment to poetic experimentation that Harris has demonstrated in her individual work and her efforts as a member of the Black Took Collective.
Also included in the show were five twisted wire birdcage sculptures, some substantially larger than the otherwise similar works that appeared at the UCLA Hammer Museum in 2004.
When using fiscal year 2005 funds to acquire information technology that is a commercial item, do not use any of the following Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) provisions and clauses as prescribed at DFARS 225.1101(1), (2), (9), and (10) or the associated FAR clauses which they otherwise replace:
If a plan of involuntary termination requires that employees render future service in order to receive benefits, the employer should recognize a liability and expense for the portion of involuntary termination benefits that will be provided after completion of future service ratably over the employees' future service period, beginning when the plan otherwise meets the recognition criteria discussed above.
To the extent that the provision of such information to the Board may be prohibited by law or otherwise, Bank has committed to cooperate with the Board to obtain any necessary consents or waivers that might be required from third parties for disclosure of such information.
Otherwise, the circuit card can be zapped when you plug it in.
Otherwise has released version 1.3 of Parsnips, a Personal Information Manager for Windows, Mac and Linux.
"Side B" coverage covers only the directors and officers, where the company otherwise could or would have to indemnify them.