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or otherwise

Or something that is starkly different or contrasting (compared to something else). Do whatever it takes to convince him to sell—legal or otherwise. We accept all forms of payment, cash or otherwise.
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know otherwise

To understand or be certain that a particular statement or assertion is unfounded or incorrect. There's a common perception that being a stay-at-home parent is the easy option, but I know otherwise.
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know ˈdifferent/ˈotherwise

(informal) have more information about something: She thought he was upset about the divorce, but I knew different.

or ˈotherwise

used to refer to something that is different from or the opposite of what has just been mentioned: It was necessary to discover the truth or otherwise of these statements.We insure against all damage, accidental or otherwise.
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If a termination benefit that otherwise meets the recognition criteria of this standard is not recognized because the expected benefits are not estimable, the employer should disclose that fact.
The basic rationale for excepting certain transactions from current gain recognition is that a continued deferral of tax on the appreciation in transferred property (pursuant to an otherwise applicable nonrecognition provision) is appropriate in the outbound transfer context where an adequate mechanism exists to ultimately collect that tax.
Although the legislative history suggests otherwise, the statute does not require that the payment to the consortium be used to fund energy-related research, as long as the payment is made by the taxpayer in carrying on its trade or business and the consortium itself satisfies certain organizational and funding standards (i.
To hold otherwise would allow the landlord to reap a windfall not envisioned by the parties to the lease agreement.
However, Congress felt that merely accompanying or being related to a traveling employee should not convert otherwise nondeductible personal expenses into deductible business expenses.
Section 3004(u) of HSWA requires "corrective action" for releases of hazardous wastes or constituents from any solid waste management unit (SWMU) at a storage, treatment or disposal facility that is seeking or is otherwise subject to a RCRA permit.
Unless the election out is made for all transfers to the trust in the current and/or all future years, the current-year transfers and/or the future transfers to which the election out is to apply must be specifically described or otherwise identified in the election-out statement.
The Appellate Term in its decision construed Paragraph 27 as applicable principally to notices or statements given pursuant to or under the lease itself, as opposed to statutory notices and declined to hold that this printed provision in the standard from lease manifests the parties' agreement that they adopted a notice requirement different from the otherwise controlling statutory procedure.
P reimburses only substantiated and otherwise unreimbursed medical expenses; employees have no right to receive cash or other benefits under P.