other way round

the other way round

1. In or facing the opposite direction, order, position, etc. Let's try turning the desk the other way round so we can look out the window while we work. I actually prefer having the books organized the other way round, from largest to smallest.
2. The opposite to some situation, opinion, plan, etc. No, no, it's the other way round—she's the one who took the money! I think it should probably be the other way round, with Daniel's team taking the lead and our team providing support.
See also: other, round, way

other way (a)round

the reverse; the opposite. No, it won't fit that way. Try it the other way round. It doesn't make any sense like that. It belongs the other way around.
See also: other, round, way

the ˌother way aˈround/ˈround

1 in the opposite position, direction or order: I think it should go on the other way round.
2 the opposite situation: I didn’t leave you. It was the other way around (= you left me).
See also: around, other, round, way
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Looked at the other way round, the injunction that everything is permitted except what is forbidden clearly makes planning and its law very complicated.