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ostrich defense

A legal strategy in which a defendant claims to be or has been ignorant of one's criminal activities or those being performed by others. A reference to the myth that ostriches put their head in the sand to avoid danger. A: "Why don't I just claim that I never knew it was against the law?" B: "I'm afraid the ostrich defense is about as useful in this situation as having no defense at all." The CEO's lawyers are attempting to use the ostrich defense, claiming that she had no knowledge of her partners' plans to embezzle nearly $45 million.
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ostrich policy

The practice of avoiding, or trying to avoid, a particular situation by pretending that it does not exist. The phrase refers to the common but mistaken belief that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when frightened, so as to avoid being seen. Lou, you can't keep adopt this ostrich policy when it comes your health—please, make an appointment with your doctor and get that rash checked out! The government seems determined to maintain an ostrich policy in relation to the looming troubles many analysts have predicted for the financial markets.
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