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oscillate between (two people or things)

To waver or go back and forth between two different, often contrary people or things that once is trying to choose. I keep oscillating between the job in New York and the one in Los Angeles. You've oscillated between Steve and Tommy long enough—they deserve an answer one way or another.
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oscillate between (someone or something and someone or something else)

to swing between (choosing) someone and someone else; to swing between (choosing) something and something else. Fred oscillated between going to college and getting a job. The boss oscillated between John and Roger.
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However, when a bridge starts to oscillate, those stays begin alternately loosening and tightening.
Such a bridge would be less likely to oscillate wildly.
At that point, its behavior becomes nonlinear, and subsequent wave action can cause the entire ship to oscillate.
During the operation, the tool rotates at approximately 600 sfpm and oscillates axially, dependant on the thread parameters and tooling circle data (for example, higher lead threads require large amounts of oscillation).
The MDR does not ustatic a rotor, but oscillates the lower biconical die through a small predetermined arc of 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 or 3.0 degrees.
The lower die oscillates and applies the shear strain to the specimultiple.
They measured the polarization, the direction in which the electric field of the radio waves oscillates.
1 Nature, Wardle's team reports finding circularly polarized radiation from the jets, meaning that the angle at which the electric field oscillates is not fixed but rotates around the wave's direction of travel.
One potential source of gauge distortions is the collapsing frame, says Knittel, adding that because the collapser oscillates with the film in an oscillating hauloff, those imperfections are not distributed by such a system.
W&H recently developed a hauloff that uses one turning bar that oscillates only 180 [degrees].
The platform oscillates through 360 [degrees] powered by a variable-speed d-c drive.
Known as sonoluminescence, this conversion of sound into light occurs during the rapid, violent contraction of a bubble as it oscillates in step with the sound wave (SN: 10/5/96, p.
Known as sonoluminescence, this conversion of sound into light occurs during the rapid and violent contraction of the bubble as it oscillates in step with the sound wave (SN: 4/29/95, p.
But some chemical systems such as the Belousov-Zhabotinskii (BZ) reaction, which slowly oscillates between blue and orange states, work on every point at once.
The system oscillates between the two sets of reactions because the first reaction set paves the way for the second by consuming bromide ions.