oscillate between

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oscillate between (someone or something and someone or something else)

to swing between (choosing) someone and someone else; to swing between (choosing) something and something else. Fred oscillated between going to college and getting a job. The boss oscillated between John and Roger.
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What's more, according to quantum mechanics, neutrinos could oscillate only if they had mass--another contradiction to the standard model.
Theorists resolve the conflicting results by having electron neutrinos in the solar experiments oscillate into sterile neutrinos.
The atom's electrons oscillate in a way that creates a dual presence, as if two atoms existed in distinct locations at the same time.
Now, researchers are developing a catalog of effects that astronomers can look for when seeking to determine whether galaxies actually oscillate.
By adding a battery to force a sufficiently strong current through a Josephson junction, one can cause the voltage generated in the device to oscillate.
The researchers studied the breakup of rapidly rotating drops and the transition to chaotic motion as sound waves forced stationary drops to oscillate.
Because bubbles of different diameters oscillate at different frequencies, this discovery opens up the possibility of using "long-range listening" to determine raindrop size distributions and, ultimately, to measure rainfall rates over the ocean.
Air bubbles in water can sometimes oscillate, rhythmically expanding and contracting at a characteristic rate.
Lazer and McKenna say their new theory provides key insights into why suspension bridges oscillate the way they do.
The recent discovery that small, nearly spherical drops can oscillate has now led scientists to add a further restriction on the sizes of raindrops that help create a rainbow.