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originate from something

to come from something or some place. Did you originate from around here? I originated from a different area of the country. Some of our customs originate from old beliefs.
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originate in something

to have had a beginning in something or some place. The river originates in the Andes Mountains. All your troubles originate in your lungs.
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originate with someone or something

to have been started by someone, something, or during a time period or event. Did this policy originate with you? This idea originated with the committee.
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References in classic literature ?
Giles, they all talked very loud, to warn any evil-disposed person outside, that they were strong in numbers; and by a master-stoke of policy, originating in the brain of the same ingenious gentleman, the dogs' tails were well pinched, in the hall, to make them bark savagely.
Serjeant Snubbin, who had been gradually growing more and more abstracted, applied his glass to his eyes for an instant, bowed slightly round, and was once more deeply immersed in the case before him, which arose out of an interminable lawsuit, originating in the act of an individual, deceased a century or so ago, who had stopped up a pathway leading from some place which nobody ever came from, to some other place which nobody ever went to.
Though this was a concerted plot between Miss Sophy and her sister, originating in humane intenions and having for its object the inducing Mr Swiviller to declare himself in time, it failed in its effect; for Miss Jane being one of those young ladies who are premeturely shrill and shrewish, gave such undue importance to her part that Mr Swiviller retired in dudgeon, resigning his mistress to Mr Cheggs and converying a definance into his looks which that gentleman indignantly returned.
There is not a major factor of growth in the secondary market for life insurance originating with speculator-induced life insurance," Head said, adding there are no data on stranger-initiated transactions.
3,4) This report illustrates an isolated nasal polyp originating in an anterior ethmoid cell.
Lenders originating more than $1 billion a year saw a decline of 12.
As its name implies, the caller ID device displays the originating telephone number of an incoming call, allowing the recipient to know, before answering the call, the number of the party calling.
They also address discrepancies between participating countries' systems and govern financial institutions originating cross-border payments on behalf of their customers.
Does that region naturally favor the evolution of new organisms, or have plants and animals accumulated in the tropics after originating elsewhere?
Their solid relationships in the technology investment community, along with their extensive and senior level experience in originating, structuring and executing investment opportunities to emerging and middle market growth companies, will play a key role in the technology group's growth and Hercules' development as we continue to distinguish ourselves as the leading technology and life science publicly traded specialty finance company.
Coronal sinus computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a polypoid mass originating in the left sphenoid sinus and extending down to the nasopharynx through the area of the sphenoethmoid recess (figure, A and B).