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originate from something

to come from something or some place. Did you originate from around here? I originated from a different area of the country. Some of our customs originate from old beliefs.
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originate in something

to have had a beginning in something or some place. The river originates in the Andes Mountains. All your troubles originate in your lungs.
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originate with someone or something

to have been started by someone, something, or during a time period or event. Did this policy originate with you? This idea originated with the committee.
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The production originated at NoHo's 99-seat Deaf West space before moving to the Mark Taper Forum and New York's Roundabout Theatre Company.
if the corporate email server is penetrated, the IP address information will falsely show that the email originated from inside the company.
In 1992 the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) requested that FASB address inconsistencies in the accounting treatment of purchased mortgage servicing rights and in the treatment of originated mortgage servicing rights.
At origination, 80% of the mortgage loans were originated by Ownit and 17% of the loans were originated by Novastar Mortgage Inc.
The fossil record also holds suggestions that modern humans originated in Africa or the Middle East (SN: 2/27/88, p.
NCB Senior Vice President Sheldon Gartenstein originated a $3.
The Company's investments are originated through its principal office located in Silicon Valley, as well as additional offices in the Boston, Boulder and Chicago areas.
During 2004, the majority of it's small loan production was originated by financial institution correspondents.
During the past month we also saw a significant increase in smaller co-ops--50 units and less--[that] were proactively addressing their financing needs, ultimately accounting for one third of the loans originated during this period.
McNulty is a 10 year veteran of the commercial real estate industry and most recently served as Director for Nomura Credit and Capital where he created a successful Midwest CMBS platform that originated and closed over $1 billion in commercial conduit loans in the past 12 months.
National Cooperative Bank originated more than $35 million in loans during June, for 21 New York area co-ops and condos.
At issuance, for 2005-A1, approximately 52% of Groups I, II and III mortgage loans, in the aggregate, were originated by National City Mortgage Co.
Commercial mortgage bankers originated more than 1,500 loans, with an average loan size of $7.
The loans will be originated through Column Financial, Inc.
The mortgages underlying the 'NC' transactions were originated or purchased by New Century Mortgage Corp.