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"The materials don't like each other, so when oriented, they cavitate and become opaque," Coburn notes.
In addition, Trico is developing monolayer structures that orient at higher temperatures and with less shrinkage than coex films.
Blown film also starts with an inherent degree of biaxial orientation, so when strength is needed in an oriented film product, blown film may be the better choice.
Avery Dennison has four MDO lines making oriented label films in Painesville and Concord.
"If you MD orient sheet, you can put out a lot more pounds and eliminate the need to laminate films for stiffness," Williams adds.
For example, a processor wanting to orient in both directions would typically have to downsize the die.
The material is divided methodologically: the first chapter deals with traditional ways of conceptualising the world; the second with known interactions of the Welsh with the East; while the third looks at translated legendary Charlemagne material for its reflection of popular contemporary perceptions of the Orient.
She thereby ties translatio studii et imperii to her tripartite conception of the Orient, which she proposes as a means for understanding the medieval Western European view of the East.