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orient to (something)

1. To position someone, something, or oneself toward some point, landmark, direction, or location. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "orient" and "to." Growing up, I always new to orient myself to the mountains to the west if I needed to know a compass direction. The front of the house is oriented to the sunrise, so the back of the house always faces the sun when it sets.
2. To be positioned so as to be facing some point, landmark, direction, or location. The master bedroom is oriented to the sea, so you can see the water the moment you wake up. The mountain amphitheater is oriented to the southeast so that it looks over the town below it.
3. To familiarize someone, something, or oneself with some information or situation; to help someone, something, or oneself adjust or become acclimated to some new information or situation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "orient" and "to." I'm going to have you shadow Martha for the first two weeks. She'll orient you to the way the office runs. I hate having to orient myself to a different operating system when I use someone else's computer.
4. To be or become familiar with, adjusted to, or acclimated to some new information or situation. Don't overload him with work until he has oriented to the new role.
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orient someone to something

1. Lit. to help someone locate a compass direction or other similar location. Try to orient Karen to the light so I can photograph her. It took time, but I oriented myself to north at last.
2. Fig. to help someone adjust to something, a position, or a relationship. Will you please orient Bill to our routine? She found it difficult to orient herself to the new procedures.
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orient to

1. To position something or someone with respect to a point or system of reference: We oriented the telescope to the southern parts of the sky. The tent's opening is oriented to the sunlight.
2. To make someone familiar with something, as facts, principles, or a situation: I oriented the staff to the new computer system.
3. To become familiar with something, as facts, principles, or a situation: The rookie needs time to orient to the schedule.
4. To focus something on some topic or on the interests of some group: We should orient our meeting to any new problems that have arisen since last week. The afterschool program is oriented to elementary school students.
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The latest report published by QY Research has been analyzed for the global BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) market for the forecast period of 2018-2023.
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Founded in Greater China, ORIENTED.COM was established to provide high-quality networking opportunities for international professionals interested in Asian business and partnerships.
To cope with this situation, trial tires were made and tested adopting two layer construction tread (cap/base tread construction), with the cap tread made of ordinary tread compound, and the base tread composed of SFRR whose short fibers were oriented to the radial direction.
As in the case with SFRR application to the tread region, trial tires were made and tested replacing a part of the carbon black contained in the sidewall rubber with short fibers oriented to circumferential and radial directions of the tire.
In addition, the results presented here suggest that increased expenditures can have serious negative effects on action oriented shoppers' evaluations of utilitarian shopping value.
"Where Trea went up to 6-mil oriented film, we go up to 10-mil," Coburn explains.
Atalla's experiments show that cellulose chains in the cell walls of wood tissue from black spruce are oriented in planes perpendicular to the cell's cross section, while lignin turns out to be oriented so that most of its rings of carbon atoms are parallel to the plane of the cell wall.
Product-handling equipment specific to injection molding for conveying, stacking and assembly of parts, as well as servo swing chutes for high-speed oriented part removal.
Most thin foamed films are oriented. Thin cast foams typically use a separate machine direction orienter (MDO), while blown film gains inherent simult eous biaxial orientation from the expa ding bubble.
Their modest dream was to run their own little high-tech film company, creating oriented barrier products that no one else could make.
At this point, the bubble is oriented in the transverse direction.
and combines them with powdered binder; and the third places continuous fibers in random loops or straight oriented strands.
Biaxial Oriented Film Technique Exploits Properties of LCPs