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in ordinary

1. In regular or active service (to another person). Primarily heard in UK. I'm the counsel in ordinary to the prime minister—please let me through!
2. Of a naval vessel, not currently being used. No, that ship is in ordinary these days—it needs some extensive repairs.
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out of the ordinary

unusual. It was a good meal, but not out of the ordinary. Your report was nicely done, but nothing out of the ordinary.
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out of the ordinary

Unusual, uncommon, exceptional, as in The venison they served was certainly out of the ordinary. This expression sometimes, but not always, indicates that something is better than the usual. However, the negative version, nothing out of the ordinary, usually indicates that something is not special or outstanding, as in It was an interesting lecture, but nothing out of the ordinary.
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in the ordinary, normal, etc. course of eˈvents, ˈthings, etc.

as things usually happen: In the normal course of events we would not treat her disappearance as suspicious.
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in the ordinary ˈway

(British English) used to say what normally happens in a particular situation: In the ordinary way, she’s not a nervous person.
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out of the ˈordinary

unusual; strange: His new book is certainly out of the ordinary. I’ve never read anything like it before.
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