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CAE valued the orders at list prices, including some buyer-furnished equipment, at C$51 million ($45 million).
Under the FDI Act, the OCC may initiate a prohibition proceeding against a former employee of a national bank, but the Board must make the final determination whether to issue an order of prohibition.
For example, an order for a dye study in radiology will be automatically checked against a patient's renal function because the lab system is now enabled by algorithms to monitor orders as well as results.
Segregating duties by having someone in accounting, instead of a receiving worker, compare purchase orders with packing slips adds a level of assurance.
The manager had been ordering housekeeping supplies from six to 10 vendors and decided the flood of purchase orders, invoices and checks was no longer worth the effort.
A service order form was drafted listing client, name, address, contact and description of the requested service.
If and when the stock's price rises to or above the limit price, the order will be executed and the stock sold at $45 or higher.
Orders for nonmilitary capital goods excluding aircraft fell 2.
Officers must make interim handwritten changes to the text, based on special orders or through department wide teletype messages.
The result of these chance encounters is that order arises from disorder, a result that then forms the world for him.
that the salesmen's activities were taxable and provided insight into the definition and scope of "solicitation of orders.
In what the authors call "a disturbing finding," they report that nonphysician hospital staff added or deleted one or more tests from the original orders for 54 percent of the patients.
As a provider of Currenex services, PFG has found that allowing highly customizable orders to be submitted in the market gives our Forex trading clients maximum control when placing orders," said PFG Chief Operating Officer Russ Wasendorf, Jr.
Boeing said that with the previously announced orders of 12 BBJs and the new widebody orders, the Boeing Business Jets sales team has won a total of 19 new airplane orders within the last 11 months -- business valued at $2.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on April 21, 2005, the issuance of a consent order of assessment of a civil money penalty against the Irwin Union Bank, Columbus, Indiana, a state member bank.