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Hazlett is the Chief of the Parts and Repair Ordering System Contracting Division and the Contracting Officer for the PROS II Program.
The manager had been ordering housekeeping supplies from six to 10 vendors and decided the flood of purchase orders, invoices and checks was no longer worth the effort.
The associated spin dynamics and magnetic ordering of the Cu ions is thus driven by this two-dimensional (2d) nature.
When ordering by telephone, ask the sales representative specific questions about the merchandise.
"Things are getting incredibly complex, and I think physicians would gladly welcome well-designed test panels or other kinds of aids to ordering tests," Finn says.
The Associated Press said the Korean carrier agreed to purchase two 777-300ERs, two A321-200s, one A320-200 and one A330-300 and that it is "considering ordering two additional planes from the [A320] family this year," according to an Asiana spokesperson.
Ordering -- Was the right drug and dose prescribed?
The District Court issued a temporary restraining order on April 2, 2004, and a preliminary injunction on April 28, 2004, ordering each Respondent to direct 1st United to deposit in the court registry the proceeds of the sale of Respondents' First Western shares to the extent of the civil money penalty assessed in the Notice, pending final resolution of this enforcement action.
Lufthansa said it is ordering Airbus and Boeing aircraft worth about USD$6.9 billion at list prices as it expands and modernizes its fleet.
A medication error is an error in the process of ordering, dispensing or administering a medication, regardless of whether an injury occurred or whether the potential for injury was present.