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While most of these applications serve the inpatient market, there is still a lack of true enterprise-wide order entry capability as defined by the ability to address the comprehensive ordering needs of a clinician across care settings.
The manager had been ordering housekeeping supplies from six to 10 vendors and decided the flood of purchase orders, invoices and checks was no longer worth the effort.
The Instant Response ordering program launches on December 12, 2006.
The creation of order sets permitted not only efficient ordering of complex sequences of tests, but also facilitated best practice using evidence based medicine to select the most effective therapies.
More and more customers everyday are enjoying the benefits of online ordering, including football enthusiasts who want to plan ahead their orders for game day.
Most systems to date have been developed and used in teaching hospitals where they were thought to have an inherent advantage, in that physician ordering would be done by residents and faculty physicians.
CipherXpress also directly hooks into electronic shopping carts via HTTP or remote servers via FTP, allowing instant ordering from the retail location.
New revisions of the software will also utilize specialized artificial intelligence technology for smarter upselling of new menu options based on trends in each customer's ordering patterns.
Consumers are becoming less apt to wait on hold, and are becoming increasingly comfortable using technology like automated ordering systems to place their orders and avoid long wait times.
E[acute accent]--CallWise records each phone call, and delivers comprehensive reporting and analytics so that businesses can better understand all aspects of the ordering process.
BOSTON -- ManageSoft Self-Service Ordering Significantly Reduces the Cost and Workload of Ordering and Installing Software During a Refresh of Desktops and Laptops
By launching their new B2B site through the Escape WebSuite(TM), Fairway & Greene is now able to offer online ordering and order tracking to their customers while providing them with updated order status and product availability "around the clock.
Cost control, heightened security, and the need for greater visibility into transactions are driving the healthcare industry to adopt electronic versions of Form 222, the DEA's paper-based form for ordering controlled substances.