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This would extend CPOE beyond the point of ordering directly into every aspect of patient management.
Time delays between ordering and other processes (such as scheduling or performing tests) were minimized through the elimination of handoffs.
Papa John's is the only national pizza chain with online ordering available from all of its U.
They received relevant feedback on lab tests when it was appropriate to ordering medications.
It's important to us that our retail customers have a fast, simple experience in ordering our products," commented Bob Pero, CEO with Great Lakes Wholesale.
Rascal House's online ordering system is now completely integrated into each franchise and should help owners better manage their increased business as colleges and universities reconvene in the next few weeks.
The results, based on 151 respondents from a public web survey, highlighted the fact that restaurants should set processes in place to keep hold times short during peak events, and that the majority of consumers are receptive to using automated systems for ordering if it shortens the time they spend on hold.
Jacent Voice Center significantly improves the performance of the telephone order process with a customizable ordering framework using the most advanced speech recognition technology, and is designed to enhance and improve phone sales operations for any enterprise that fields a large number of phone orders.
BOSTON -- ManageSoft Self-Service Ordering Significantly Reduces the Cost and Workload of Ordering and Installing Software During a Refresh of Desktops and Laptops
By launching their new B2B site through the Escape WebSuite(TM), Fairway & Greene is now able to offer online ordering and order tracking to their customers while providing them with updated order status and product availability "around the clock.
Cost control, heightened security, and the need for greater visibility into transactions are driving the healthcare industry to adopt electronic versions of Form 222, the DEA's paper-based form for ordering controlled substances.