order off the field

order (one) off the field

To command or instruct a player to leave the playing field. After striking another player in the face, the referee ordered the star quarterback off the field. The coach ordered me off the field to give a younger player some time to play.
See also: field, off, order

order someone off the field

[for a game official] to command a player to leave the playing area. The referee will order you off the field. He ordered us off the field.
See also: field, off, order
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Arrivistes Ealing Trailfinders are the latest to try their luck and while no-one should criticise the nouveau riche for assembling their ducks in order off the field as well as on it, Maggs's job becomes increasingly difficult.
"It was very important when we came here to get this club's house in order off the field. The chairman has been very wise in that decision made a couple of years ago.