order off

order (one) off

To command or instruct one to get off (of something). He had gotten up onto the table to do a funny dance, but his mother ordered him off. The security guard ordered us off the grass.
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order someone off (of something)

to command someone to get off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The teacher ordered Tom off the steps. He ordered him off.
See also: off, order
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References in classic literature ?
A space of stunted grass and dry rubbish being between him and the young rabble, he took his eyeglass out of his waistcoat to look for any child he knew by name, and might order off. Phenomenon almost incredible though distinctly seen, what did he then behold but his own metallurgical Louisa, peeping with all her might through a hole in a deal board, and his own mathematical Thomas abasing himself on the ground to catch but a hoof of the graceful equestrian Tyrolean flower-act!
'When that soldier went down, we might have made London ours; but no;--we stand, and gape, and look on--the justice (I wish he had had a bullet in each eye, as he would have had, if we'd gone to work my way) says, "My lads, if you'll give me your word to disperse, I'll order off the military," our people sets up a hurrah, throws up the game with the winning cards in their hands, and skulks away like a pack of tame curs as they are.
Sadly, there are no record stores left where I live in Bern, but Parrish's Ugly Edits have always been a great reason to order off the internet.
The Hill co-boss saw Hilland give the opposition two dubious penalties, order off one of his players then sending him up the tunnel.
Still, Tomcyzk says patients can order off the retail menu.
This project is the third order off the $5 million indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract that CTI holds with the U.S.