order from

order something from someone or something

to agree to purchase something from someone or a group. We ordered some plants from the mail-order company. I will order some of those clever little things from you as soon as I can.
See also: order
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This follow-on order from our European launch customer.
Booksellers will know immediately if a publisher can fulfill their order or whether they should order from another source.
Now the physician would be able to order from any terminal within the institution and not have to be present on the unit.
7% plan to order from local restaurants that offer takeout service; and, 10% plan to order from other venues.
On August 25, 2005, Hollinger obtained an Order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the "Court") approving the appointment of David Drinkwater and David Rattee to the Hollinger Board of Directors.
The third order is a follow-on order from the Turkish military, for both bulletproof plates and bullet-resistant vests.
A new security feature has been implemented on Travelers Express money orders that will aid money order agents, merchants and consumers in distinguishing an authentic money order from a counterfeit item.
To search and order from local restaurants, the user selects takeout or delivery, chooses a restaurant from the search results, views the menu and places an order.
Several important orders received during the second quarter, including a mobile combat training center for the Netherlands and an order from FMV to conduct a study in the field of RMA and in July a serial production order for the Bamse air defense missile.
In July, Barracuda received an important order from FMV for multispectral, mobile camouflage systems for the Leopard 2 tanks with an order value of SEK 75 m.
Unlike other DSL providers who place orders manually through their EDI systems, Covad's system will be completely automated to handle all transactions with each phone company including the flow of the order from the ISP through Covad's Operations Support Systems.
ABB received a multimillion-dollar order from Enron for power transformers and circuit breakers.
For example, when a computer company receives an order from a reseller for monitors, printers and CPUs, traditional manufacturing software systems, by default, chop that order into three pieces, creating three separate orders.
Asyst also reports an order from an undisclosed customer valued at approximately $3.