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Southwest Airlines President Colleen Barrett said the LCC wants to buy more aircraft even though it has 37 737-700s on order for delivery next year.
On February 3, 2005, the OCC served upon Respondent a Notice of Intention to Prohibit Further Participation, Notice of Charges for Issuance of an Order to Cease and Desist for Restitution and Notice of Assessment of a Civil Money Penalty ("Notice") that sought, inter alia, an order of prohibition against Respondent based on his conduct while employed at the Bank.
Workflow is also positively impacted as these order entry systems reduce duplicative documentation, allow earlier processing of orders and impact delivery of medications.
Segregating duties by having someone in accounting, instead of a receiving worker, compare purchase orders with packing slips adds a level of assurance.
For example, the distributor's cost of shipping a single $1,400 order can be less than sending multiple $50 orders.
The tech entered a description of actual service performed on the hard copy service order form along with hours worked and any materials or supplies used to complete the work.
Had FERC put ideology aside and issued this order last year, it could have saved Californians billions of dollars,'' she said.
A stock might fall from $20 to $15, triggering a stop-loss order, and immediately shoot back up to $25 or even $30.
To document approval authority for the directives, a single general order stating that the manual is issued on the authority of the chief of police (or whatever title is given to the head of the agency) should suffice.
Boetti orders the world according to countries, but the borders change so quickly that he has to stop frequently.
Responding to the researchers' suggestion that "ancillary workers" be given guidelines to help them identify and inform physicians about "unorthodox laboratory test orders," Meyer said in a statement: "The real need, rather, is for the recognition that laboratory technologists are no longer the 'ancillary' workers of past decades, but are professionals whose body of knowledge is required for effective, efficient health care.
This new version of Order Optimizer, which is the only software capable of handling multiple diagnoses in a single order set, will allow customers to have even better results from Order Optimizer.
based aviation investment firm, acting on behalf of one of its investment funds, has ordered four 747-8 Freighters, with an option to order an additional two airplanes.
The order requires Irwin Union Bank to pay a civil money penalty of $22,300, which will be remitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for deposit into the National Flood Mitigation Fund.
Because the hospital had never installed a computer order system of any kind, the committee also recommended taking the bold leap of bypassing a generic order system and implementing a computerized physician order entry system (CPOE).