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ordain (one) as (something)

To invest one with the powers, duties, and responsibilities attendant upon a particular religious role. Often used in passive constructions. Regina Jones was ordained as the first female rabbi in 1935. I just heard the clergy ordained Tom as a priest.
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ordain someone

 (as) something
1. Lit. to establish someone as a priest or minister. In a lovely ceremony, they ordained David as a priest. He was ordained as a priest by a bishop.
2. Fig. to establish someone as something. They ordained the poor old man as a deputy sheriff. Was he duly ordained as a Mercedes mechanic?
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They normally spend a year working as an assistant to a vicar before the Bishop ordains them to the priesthood when they are also able to celebrate Holy Communion.
The Deacons will then normally spend a year working as an assistant to a vicar, before the Bishop ordains them to the priesthood.
And I believe that when the church ordains women and men, married and celibate, to the priesthood, the church will begin to return to spiritual wholeness.
The ELCA ordains only those gay people who say they will abstain from sexual relationships.
If Bishop Cox ordains a million and all I do is five, then I'm happy," Buckley said.
Roman Catholic Womenpriests begins when a male Roman Catholic bishop ordains seven women in a boat on the Danube River.
The local church as a congregation ordains for service to that particular community.
At a ceremony in Boston's Church of the Covenant, Reynolds will ordain Gloria Ray Carpeneto, Judy Lee and Gabriella Velardi-Ward to the priesthood and MaryAnn McCarthy Schoettly to the deaconate.