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ordain (one) as (something)

To invest one with the powers, duties, and responsibilities attendant upon a particular religious role. Often used in passive constructions. Regina Jones was ordained as the first female rabbi in 1935. I just heard the clergy ordained Tom as a priest.
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ordain someone

 (as) something
1. Lit. to establish someone as a priest or minister. In a lovely ceremony, they ordained David as a priest. He was ordained as a priest by a bishop.
2. Fig. to establish someone as something. They ordained the poor old man as a deputy sheriff. Was he duly ordained as a Mercedes mechanic?
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Laypeople making their support for ordaining women deacons known is the first step toward its acceptance, according to Jesuit Fr.
He details three options: (1) ordaining employed church workers, (2) ordaining one volunteer leader in many communities, and (3) ordaining teams of community leaders.
Meanwhile, Van Kuiken says he will continue performing same-sex marriage ceremonies and ordaining openly gay church leaders.
The argument from authority against ordaining women as priests is actually an argument for ordaining women as deacons.
The Roman Catholic Women-priests movement affirms the validity of their ordinations based on the "apostolic succession" of their ordaining bishops.
There are hundreds of other bishops, however, who feel that ordaining local leaders would be dangerous.
Bishop Malcolm McMahon states his belief that priests should be allowed to marry and then contradicts that statement in the second paragraph by saying, "But they must be married before they are ordained." That's not allowing priests to marry, it's ordaining married men.
Many Catholics, including priests and consecrated persons, also approve of ordaining women priests, allowing divorced and remarried persons to receive Communion, having General Absolution when it is not allowed, helping older persons to take their own life, changing the Liturgy without permission, and so on.
With the church yet to ordain women, the issue of ordaining non-celibate homosexuals is difficult to even contemplate, Aung Khin Thein said.
All three groups were ordaining women at the dawn of the twentieth century and have a significantly higher percentage of women serving as senior pastors today.
Although the bishops discussed the controversies of ordaining gay priests and blessing gay unions, the Lake Arrowhead, Calif., summit concluded April 4 with no official stand on either issue.
The women priests say many male priests support the movement privately and contend that three bishops in good standing have taken the extraordinary step of ordaining women bishops.
Ordaining such candidates to the priesthood would be imprudent and "very risky," said a letter from Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez, Prefect of the Congregation.