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go into orbit

1. Lit. [for a rocket, satellite, etc.] to rotate around a heavenly body in a fixed path. The satellite went into orbit just as planned. When did the moon go into orbit?
2. Fig. [for someone] to get very excited. (See also go ballistic.) She was so upset, she went into orbit. Todd went into orbit when he heard the price.
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*in orbit

1. Lit. [of something] circling a heavenly body. (*Typically: be ~; put something [into] ~.) The moon is in orbit around the earth. They put the satellite into orbit.
2. Fig. ecstatic; thrilled; emotionally high. (*Typically: be ~.) Jane is in orbit about her new job. John went into orbit when he got the check in the mail.
3. Inf. intoxicated. After having six drinks all to herself, Julie was in orbit.
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orbit (around) someone or something

to circle around something in an orbit. The flies orbited around Fred and his ice-cream cone. Many satellites orbit around our planet.

in orbit

Thrilled, delighted, as in Dean's in orbit over his son's success. This expression alludes to the successful launching into orbit of a satellite or other spacecraft. [Slang; late 1900s]
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into orbit

into a state of heightened activity, performance, anger, or excitement. informal
1988 Candia McWilliam A Case of Knives I am a greedy girl, not merely swayed but waltzed into orbit by appearances.
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go into orbit

in. to become very excited. The entire staff went into orbit when they got the news.
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in orbit

1. mod. ecstatic; euphoric. She was just in orbit when she got the letter.
2. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Gary is in orbit and can’t see a hole in a ladder.
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By turning a large distraction, such as Information Technology, into an effective business tool, ORBIT will help clients re-gain focus on their business and will serve as a catalyst to transform it.
The gap in mass suggests that nature has two distinct ways to make an object that will orbit a star, Jayawardhana notes.
In 1962, astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth.
The computerized system is designed to automatically survey the skies for objects - asteroids and comets - which could pose a hazard to Earth if their orbits intersect.
While Buffy, Xena, and 2003 EL61 all belong to the Kuiper belt, remote Sedna, whose orbit extends from 76 to 126 AU, maybe the first known member of the Oort cloud.
Known as the Tisserand parameter, that quantity depends on three orbital elements: the inclination of a comet's orbit to the plane of the solar system, the shape of its orbit, and the planet's average distance from the sun.
They found that a ``resonance'' could develop between Mars and the asteroid, which under certain circumstances could push 433 Eros into an Earth-crossing orbit.
This could clear out inner debris disks much quicker than Jupiter, a giant planet with a nearly circular orbit, sculpts the solar system's asteroid belt.
We feel that the Orbit Drop Associate Sales Kit is an innovated, practical and affordable product with unlimited potential.
Nicholson and Brett Gladman, now at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, were traveling to the medium-size Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar in California to search for objects in the Kuiper belt, the reservoir of comets that lies beyond the orbit of Neptune.
The Orbit Drop Associate Sales Kit is designed to allow its purchasers the freedom to operate in such a manner without high costs and regulation.
Indeed, in a 1999 study looking for planets that closely orbit stars in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae, the Hubble Space Telescope failed to find a single one.
The black hole at the galaxy's center will ultimately disrupt this pas de deux, and in some cases, will capture the lighter star into an orbit about 25 times as large as that of Pluto, Gould and Quillen say.