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soapbox orator

One who makes an impassioned, impromptu speech. (Soapboxes were once commonly used as makeshift platforms for such speeches.) It seems like there's a soapbox orator on every corner in this city. Sorry, I couldn't hear you over that soapbox orator who's ranting about the government.
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silver-tongued orator

An eloquent and persuasive speaker. This term has been around since the sixteenth century, when it was applied to the preacher Henry Smith (ca. 1550–91) and to Joshua Sylvester (1563–1618), a translator. Silver has long been equated with something fast-flowing and dazzlingly bright, and thus is a natural metaphor for eloquent speech. The best-known recipient of the epithet “silver-tongued orator” was William Jennings Bryan (1860–1925), who not only was a wonderful speaker but advocated the free coinage of silver; he won the Democratic presidential nomination in 1896 as a result of a speech in which he said, “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.”
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The entrance of the invisible emperor brings the couple much joy, while the orator -- who is played by an actor and does not fit in with the invisible theme throughout the play so far -- brings speeches with much depth to the assembled crowd.
Dubai - Orator of Al Aqsa Mosque and first deputy of Jerusalem's High Islamic Authority, Dr Yousuf Juma Salama, has said the support extended by the UAE leadership is instrumental in backing the steadfastness of the Palestinian people on their land.
Report by Ahmed Arain Abi Waqas and Umair Korai Pictures of Master Orators and Rapid Fire sessions.
POINT TAKEN: Hodgson (right) says Rooney does not have to be a great orator, like Winston Churchill (above), to get his message across
According to this logic, the orator characterized demagogue acts ostensibly for the benefit of the people, but actually distributes gifts and promises in the final goal to centralize all political power in his hands.
People say that there has been no orator like him in Indian politics," she added.
Showyth and complayneth vnto your good lordshype your dayly orator Thomas Kele of London stacioner that wher as your seyd orator was prentes & afterwardes servant with Rych pynson of London prenter by the space of viii yeres/ And afterwarde the seyd Rych to thentent to sett the same your orator fourth soe that he might begynne the worke & soe to have a competente levynge in hys age delyured unto the same your orator a stoke of xxiiij li for repayment (22) wherof tbe same your orator was bounden by hys dede obligatocon vnto the seyd Rych in the some of xxiiij li payable att certayn dayes.
But in classical Rome the great orator and theorist Cicero challenged rhetoricians to strive for sincerity, logic and clarity of thought.
Red Orator is owned by Newsells Stud and trained by Mark Johnston, who has had 42 winners this month.
The move comes as Orator has decided to pursue new opportunities outside of Zurich.
You often ask me, Justus Fabius, (2) how it is that while the genius and the fame of so many distinguished orators have shed a lustre on the past, our age is so forlorn and so destitute of the glory of eloquence that it scarce retains the very name of orator.
Mohyeddin is a famous Pakistani orator and actor, who also starred in Eugene O'Neil's Long Day's Journey Into Night; Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and made his West End debut playing Dr Aziz in EM Forster's Passage to India.
Bibi is a great orator but a disastrous negotiator, says the writer.
Designed specifically for the next generation of BlackBerry smart phones with full QWERTY keyboards, Orator offers text-to-speech voice output; auto-start mode, which automatically runs Orator when the device is turned on; control of the speed and pitch of the voice; various verbosity levels to allow users to define the amount of information spoken; "keyboard echo" setting to speak each letter typed on the QWERTY keyboard; training mode; and support for multiple languages.
Given that the 83-rated favourite, having his fourth start, finished a close third that day, it looks as though Namibian Orator has been let in lightly with a mark of 87 for his handicap debut.