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go gathering orange blossoms

To look for a wife. The phrase refers to the frequent use of orange blossoms as wedding decorations symbolizing the bride's innocence. I'm quite certain that Sir Andrew went to town to go gathering orange blossoms, so we'd best get ready for a wedding!

mix apples and oranges

To combine or compare two different things. You can't compare your job as a nurse to mine as an engineer—that's mixing apples and oranges!
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apples and oranges

Two unlike things or people. Oh, you can't compare those two companies, they're apples and oranges! My mom and my mother-in-law are just apples and oranges and should not be left alone in the same room for too long.
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compare apples and oranges

To try to highlight the similarities between two different things—which typically cannot be done. You can't compare your job as a nurse to mine as an engineer—that's comparing apples and oranges!
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squeeze an orange

To make use of everything someone or something has to offer. This business is like squeezing an orange: it doesn't matter who's doing the squeezing, you'll still get orange juice.
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apples and oranges

Fig. two entities that are not similar. (Used especially in reference to comparisons of unlike things.) You can't talk about Fred and Ted in the same breath! They're like apples and oranges. Talking about her current book and her previous bestseller is like comparing apples and oranges.
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apples and oranges

Unlike objects or persons, as in Assessing the problems of the neighborhood grocery by examining a giant supermarket is comparing apples and oranges . This metaphor for dissimilarity began as apples and oysters, which appeared in John Ray's proverb collection of 1670. It is nearly always accompanied by a warning that one cannot compare such different categories.
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apples and oranges

If you say that two things are apples and oranges, you mean that they are completely different and cannot be compared. We really can't compare the data any more, it's not the same — it's just apples and oranges. Note: You can also say that comparing two things is like comparing apples with oranges. To compare one with the other is to make the mistake we were all warned about in third grade, not to compare apples with oranges.
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apples and oranges

(of two people or things) irreconcilably or fundamentally different. North American
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all Lombard Street to a China orange

great wealth against one ordinary object; virtual certainty. dated
Lombard Street in London was originally occupied by bankers from Lombardy, and it still contains a number of London's principal banks. This idiom dates from the early 19th century, but the use of a China orange to mean ‘a worthless thing’ is recorded earlier.
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squeeze (or suck) an orange

take all that is profitable out of something.
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ˌapples and ˈoranges

(American English) used to describe a situation in which two people or things are completely different from each other: He was no competition for me: it was like apples and oranges.
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apples to oranges

and A2O
phr. & comp. abb. [but that’s comparing] apples to oranges; [You are] making an unfair comparison. Chevvies and Beemers! That’s apples to oranges! They’re not even in the same class! It’s A2O! What can I say?
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There was a marble-effect fireplace in an orangy colour, all the walls were decorated in purple, pink, orange and yellow stripes, the skirting boards, picture rails and window sills were peach gloss, and the carpets were green.
Colours were often hard and tended to fade and go orangy.
This is a pure orangy red and is real star in the high summer and autumn garden.
3 F5 cpm white to orangy amber (5-inch, 50[acute accent]) i Boo AB Very wide; gloss white 14h 16.
Kaleidoscope' (1999 AARS winner): Small (2- to 2 1/2-inch-wide), double flowers are orangy tan with yellow centers on a 2- to 4-foot-tall shrub.
Matthew Perry, who must have OD'd on Ben Affleck's orangy face tanner, hung out with his bell-bottomed gal pal Rachel Dunn, who hugged the former ``Friend'' while he smoked a cigarette.
She should wear black to promote tranquility, orangy rusts for harmony and browns to calm her mind and introduce more water and earth energy.
The other creature is the orangy, small tortoiseshell butterfly, which also hibernates in coolish places and wakes up if it becomes too warm .
I've always seen both components of Gamma as yellowish orange or orangy yellow.