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in opposition (to someone or something)

Opposed or contrary to someone or something; against someone or something. The purpose of our group is to stand in opposition to the corporations planning to move in and destroy local business. Our administration is in vehement opposition to any deal that gives them access to nuclear armaments.
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in the teeth of (something)

1. In spite of; notwithstanding. Some people still believe vaccinations to be harmful in the teeth of thousands of scientific studies proving otherwise. In the teeth of the boss's disapproval, we decided to go forward with the project anyway.
2. When threatened by or confronted with. It's hard to be an optimist in the teeth of so much tragedy and turmoil in the news each day. The plane turned into the teeth of a horrible storm.
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in opposition (to someone or something)

against someone or something; opposing someone or something. You'll find that I'm firmly in opposition to any further expenditures. The council and the mayor are usually in opposition.
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in oppoˈsition to somebody/something

1 disagreeing strongly with somebody/something, especially with the aim of preventing something from happening: Protest marches were held in opposition to the proposed law.
2 contrasting two people or things that are very different: Leisure is usually defined in opposition to work.

(do something) in the teeth of danger, opposition, etc.

(do something) when or even though it is dangerous or people oppose it, etc: The new law was passed in the teeth of strong opposition.They crossed the Atlantic in the teeth of a force 10 wind.
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Her main concern is with with pairs of words whose oppositional relationship arises specifically from their textual surroundings, which she names constructed opposites, created opposites, or unconventional opposites but that have been called non-systematic semantic opposites and non-canonical antonyms by other linguists.
Numerous studies have been conducted to examine oppositional activism toward various hazardous facilities, including opposition to proposed nuclear power plants (e.g., Frantal & Maly, 2017; C.
Definition and Prevalence of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
He was resistant and oppositional throughout, refusing medication and therapy, and regularly challenging the grounds for his detention.
In general, oppositional arguments about both World Wars generally included the use of more Kantian perspectives and futility arguments than previous oppositional arguments.
2009), two of the three subscales that comprise the SCS--the Antisocial and Oppositional-Defiant subscales--were explicitly developed to assess features common to DSM-IV-TR disorders such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Conduct Disorder (Pacheco et al.
Last January, a delegation of various oppositional entities has arrived in Cairo on Tuesday in preparation for their meeting in Cairo, one day after the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution arrival.
These three examples reveal an oppositional mode of thinking, a dichotomous framework that defines reality and identities in mutually exclusive terms, which Keating troubles in Transformation Now\.
'Oppositional Drivers' are aggressive types with short fuses and twitchy horn fingers; they'll hurtle around the streets hurling abuse at anyone who dares impede their progress.
Representatives of the four oppositional parliamentary parties (Armenian National Congress, Heritage, ARFD, Prosperous
During the 22 weeks of the study, children who received telemental health (TMH) improved significantly in ADHD inattention and hyperactivity, oppositional defiant disorder, school performance, and adaptive functioning, based on the ratings provided by their parents.
The present study aimed at investigating the relationship of parenting styles with oppositional behaviour of school going children.
According to the left-wing oppositional leader, Tsvetanov should be dismissed for failing to properly organize last week's nuclear energy referendum in the country, allowing heavy discrepancies in the voters' lists.
Of particular concern to early childhood personnel are children who exhibit oppositional defiant behaviour or who have been diagnosed as having Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
The oppositional Social Democrats stated that they are ready to form a new ruling majority under their leadership.