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as opposed to

Instead of; in contrast to. We're going to Florida for our vacation this year, as opposed to the local beach. As opposed to sitting around watching TV, you could be working on your paper.
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opposed to (someone or something)

Having a contrary opinion or stance to someone or something; standing or working against someone or something. Our civil rights group is opposed to these corporations who plan to move in and destroy local business. Our administration is vehemently opposed to any deal that gives them access to nuclear armaments.
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opposed to something

in opposition to something. I am strongly opposed to your suggestion. He is morally opposed to war.
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as opˈposed to

(written) used to make a contrast between two things: 200 people attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year.This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to (= rather than) strength.
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as opposed to

In contrast to: "a Baroque violin that ... uses gut strings as opposed to metal-wound ones" (William Zagorski).
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Opposing Counsel: Have you ever been afflicted with jaundice, boll weevils, a persistent itch in places you can't scratch, knife wounds from someone you don't know, or that gross stuff in the corner of your eye in the morning?
Opposing counsel will pounce on extremely small mistakes or omissions to embarrass you or get your testimony excluded (see "As a Matter of Fact," page 26).
As a result of those developments, CPA expert testimony can be impeached by opposing attorneys on the basis of the methodology used.
Make sure your head coach and athletic director seek out and welcome the opposing coach.
To prevent wound surfaces from opposing each other within the middle meatus, a variety of spacers is available.
Despite President George Bush's claim that there was "no anti-war movement" opposing the Gulf War, hundreds of thousands of people mobilized across the country in the three months before and during the war in opposition, more than during the first three years of major U.
In a paragraph titled "Effect on Own Courses of Action," the intelligence assessment warns that "the ability of such opposing forces to move about freely and undetected significantly hampers the ability of law-enforcement agencies to identify, track, and monitor their activities.
While Tampa's finance director, Bob Harrell, has questioned the motives of the hotel association in opposing competition, HCHMA President Heinz Gartlgruber says, "We wouldn't be opposed to a new hotel if an entrepreneur came forward.
In 2001, the Royal Bank refused to open an account in Montreal for an organization opposing the Gay Games projected for 2006.
In fact, most faith traditions in America are actively opposing this legislation and have gone to great lengths to communicate their opposition to the very premise of the bill itself.
Still, Jean maintains that opposing the war is in keeping with her group's mission to fight for social and economic justice, even if it's not "exclusively a gay issue.
Of course, the opposing party's counsel had used that flaw to support the cause of his client, the spouse of the company owner.