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as opposed to

Instead of; in contrast to. We're going to Florida for our vacation this year, as opposed to the local beach. As opposed to sitting around watching TV, you could be working on your paper.
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opposed to something

in opposition to something. I am strongly opposed to your suggestion. He is morally opposed to war.
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as opˈposed to

(written) used to make a contrast between two things: 200 people attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year.This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to (= rather than) strength.
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as opposed to

In contrast to: "a Baroque violin that ... uses gut strings as opposed to metal-wound ones" (William Zagorski).
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Opposing Counsel: Sure, if you have something to hide.
Under Zine's leadership, the immigration task force has taken a similarly moderate approach, recommending a package of reforms similar to what the Senate Judiciary Committee approved this week but opposing a stricter House bill.
CPAs who keep their cool and convey concise, cogent information--whether in depositions or under an opposing attorney's attempts to discredit their testimonies--can have a pivotal impact on a conflict's resolution as well as the satisfaction of helping a client win (see "Basic Legal Concepts," page 33).
Expert witness engagements are unpredictable and opposing attorneys challenge CPA witnesses in depositions and cross-examinations, testing their expertise, methodologies and testimony.
In December 2003, Church & State printed an article by Erwin Chemerinsky opposing the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance ("One Nation Under The Constitution," December 2003 Church & State).
Thus otherwise gay-friendly lawmakers have tried to find a safe, if awkward, position: bashing Bush's amendment while family opposing equal marriage rights for gays.
As of mid-February, about 80 out of 150 school districts statewide adopted resolutions opposing the new law or planned to vote on a Warrant Article, which would tell the feds that voters "vigorously oppose any and all unfunded and under-funded federal educational mandates .
We are going to discuss the aquarium, but right now we passed a resolution opposing it too.
And considerably higher proportions of opposing than supporting sites include incorrect information (56% vs.
Sections -- using their own voluntary funds and properly distinguishing themselves as sections -- are allowed to lobby the legislature on a wider range of issues than the Bar itself, including opposing positions of other sections.
Make sure your team realizes that the opposing team is your guest and should be treated accordingly.
Postoperative scar formation results from the creation of opposing raw surfaces during sinonasal surgery.
Last spring, a handful of grassroots community and environmental groups sent delegations to Minneapolis for a conference opposing the ongoing expansion of airports.
Still another problem came with the peace movement's late start in opposing the preparation for war.
They are an organization Which, based on previous experience, has an opposing viewpoint and, based on past actions, has the potential to disrupt the Guard's operations or training exercises.