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as opposed to

Instead of; in contrast to. We're going to Florida for our vacation this year, as opposed to the local beach. As opposed to sitting around watching TV, you could be working on your paper.
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opposed to (someone or something)

Having a contrary opinion or stance to someone or something; standing or working against someone or something. Our civil rights group is opposed to these corporations who plan to move in and destroy local business. Our administration is vehemently opposed to any deal that gives them access to nuclear armaments.
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opposed to something

in opposition to something. I am strongly opposed to your suggestion. He is morally opposed to war.
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as opˈposed to

(written) used to make a contrast between two things: 200 people attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year.This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to (= rather than) strength.
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as opposed to

In contrast to: "a Baroque violin that ... uses gut strings as opposed to metal-wound ones" (William Zagorski).
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Bharuch (Gujarat) [India] December 3 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the Congress Party opposes the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) just for the sake of opposing and is envious of them.
Exactly half (50%) say they favor a public insurance option, but most (61%) would oppose reducing payments to Medicare providers.
1 : to disagree with or disapprove of <They oppose the proposed changes.>
Which of the following statements is not an argument used by those who oppose an increased minimum wage?
But the dishonest ones, such as Al Gore and John Kerry, who oppose Bush either out of partisanship or outright hatred, will never admit them.
Kerry opposes jury award caps, saying they benefit only insurance companies.
Senator Kerry opposes the death penalty and supports banning assault weapons.
He actually opposes, for instance, the entire effort to take one more crack at inspections, even if only as a tactical prelude to war.
* Opposes HB 315, as filed, which provides for unequal distribution of marital assets and liabilities when one spouse forges or intentionally uses the unauthorized signature of the other spouse.
Bennett says he opposes legal regulation of song lyrics, but he certainly does not oppose confronting recording company executives and demanding that they read aloud some of the lyrics they sell.
Cuomo strongly opposes the death penalty, which was highly popular in his state.
Coustan told the Journal "There are parts of the bill that w applaud, but we are opposed to others." In particular, the AICPA opposes the elimination of cross-testing, in which a complex set of rules to test for discrimination in defined-benefit plans also are used for defined-contribution plans.
TEI also opposes the proposal to upend the current deduction for environmental remediation costs and to require either (i) capitalization of certain costs or (ii) capitalization of certain costs and amortization of such costs over uniform periods.
These data show that the average American Jew -- even those who are Republicans and may support the Bush administration on other matters -- opposes the war.