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cash in on opportunity

To take advantage of or benefit from an opportune moment or situation. Typically used with "an" or "the" preceding "opportunity." After the drudgery of working in an office for five years, Catherine decided to cash in on an opportunity to work as a travel writer for her friend's new tourism agency. Although the market crash left many people with overpriced mortgages, some savvy homeowners cashed in on the opportunity to purchase property at rock-bottom prices.
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jump at the opportunity (to do something)

To accept or seize with alacrity an opportunity (to do something). Mark complains about his teaching job a lot, but I knew if he were offered a tenured position in the school, he would jump at the opportunity. When our manager said she was leaving the company, I jumped at the opportunity to fill the job.
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The Land of Opportunity

1. The United States of America, from the notion that the country provides the opportunity for success to anyone from any background. (Sometimes spelled in lowercase.) In the early 1940s, my grandparents, fleeing persecution in Europe, took everything they owned and sailed on a boat to the Land of Opportunity. I am convinced that this is still the land of opportunity, that any man or woman with a dream and the desire to work hard can achieve anything.
2. The official state nickname of Arkansas from 1947 to 1995 (replaced by "The Natural State"). My family's been living in The Land of Opportunity for nearly three generations, but we originally hail from Pennsylvania.
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opportunity knocks

A major opportunity to find success presents itself or becomes available. You have to be ready to act if opportunity knocks, or you might end up regretting it forever. It was hard leaving my parents and all my friends from high school, but when opportunity knocked to attend school overseas, I knew I had to seize the chance.
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opportunity knocks at every man's door

Chances for success present themselves to everyone. Don't be jealous of your sister—opportunity knocks at every man's door, and it will come along for you soon enough.

(a) golden opportunity

Fig. an excellent opportunity that is not likely to be repeated. When I failed to finish college, I missed my golden opportunity to prepare myself for a good job.
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growth experience

 and growth opportunity; learning experience
Euph. an unpleasant experience. This job has been a growth experience for me. I've learned so much. Jim said that his trip to Mexico turned out to be a real learning experience.
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jump at the opportunity

(to do something) Go to leap at the opportunity (to do something).
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leap at the opportunity (to do something)

 and leap at the chance (to do something); jump at the chance (to do something); jump at the opportunity (to do something)
Fig. to accept an opportunity eagerly. Frank leapt at the opportunity to become a commercial artist. It was a great idea and we leapt at the opportunity. I would leap at the chance to go to Moscow. His company proposed to send him to England, and John jumped at the chance.
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once-in-a-lifetime chance

 and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
a chance that will never occur again in one's lifetime. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Don't miss it. She offered me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I turned it down.
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Opportunity knocks but once

.Prov. You will only have one chance to do something important or profitable. (You can say opportunity knocks to signal that someone's chance to do something important is here right now.) When Nancy got a scholarship offer from a college far away, her parents encouraged her to go, even though they didn't like the thought of her moving so far from home. "Opportunity knocks but once," they said, "and this may be your only chance to get a good education."
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Opportunity makes a thief.

Prov. Anyone would steal, given a chance to do so without being punished. Mr. Cooper thought of himself as a moral man. But opportunity makes a thief, and with the safe unguarded he had the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars undetected.
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seize the opportunity

to take advantage of an opportunity when offered. My uncle offered me a trip to Europe, so I seized the opportunity. Whenever you have a chance, you should seize the opportunity.
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window of opportunity

Fig. a brief time period in which an opportunity exists. This afternoon, I had a brief window of opportunity when I could discuss this with the boss, but she wasn't receptive.
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opportunity knocks

a chance of success occurs.
This expression comes from the proverb opportunity never knocks twice at any man's door or opportunity knocks but once . The form of the saying with opportunity dates from the late 19th century, but fortune was used in the early 19th century and a version of the saying is recorded in medieval French.
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window of opportunity

a favourable opportunity for doing something that must be seized immediately if it is not to be missed.
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a ˌwindow of opporˈtunity

a limited period of time when you can do something that you want to do or need to do: The government’s difficulties provided the opposition with a window of opportunity to present an alternative policy to the voters.
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Norris, and she carefully refused him every opportunity.
There were so many of the older boys and girls in the town, as well as men and women, who had to work in the daytime and still were craving an opportunity for an education, that I soon opened a night-school.
I was supremely happy in the opportunity of being able to assist somebody else.
It gives me an opportunity of doing some good work,--and I am aware that I have to justify his choice of me.
He remembered that he had already lost an opportunity of studying her character, and--if he saw the necessity--of warning Emily not to encourage the advances of Miss de Sor.
Troy seized his opportunity of striking into the conversation for the first time.
Crayford instantly dropped Clara's arm, and seized the welcome opportunity of speaking of other things.
The Lion roaring out in a rage against him, the Fox sought an opportunity to defend himself and said, "And who of all those who have come to you have benefited you so much as I, who have traveled from place to place in every direction, and have sought and learnt from the physicians the means of healing you?
A JUDGE who had for years looked in vain for an opportunity for infamous distinction, but whom no litigant thought worth bribing, sat one day upon the Bench, lamenting his hard lot, and threatening to put an end to his life if business did not improve.
All you have to do is to give me the opportunity of seeing you privately.
1] I must take this opportunity of returning my sincere thanks to Mr.
He was, besides, the best sacrifice the higgler could make, as he had supplied him with no game since; and by this means the witness had an opportunity of screening his better customers: for the squire, being charmed with the power of punishing Black George, whom a single transgression was sufficient to ruin, made no further enquiry.
Is this really our opportunity, or is it only the shadow of what is to come thrown before?
Finding us distinguished, as a nation, by our love of athletic exercises, the little man, in the innocence of his heart, devoted himself impromptu to all our English sports and pastimes whenever he had the opportunity of joining them; firmly persuaded that he could adopt our national amusements of the field by an effort of will precisely as he had adopted our national gaiters and our national white hat.
After this attack it was not long but he found an opportunity to catch me again, and almost in the same posture; indeed, it had more of design in it on his part, though not on my part.
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